To many attempts give problems in LOWER ARENAS!

I have played since the summer and have many good dinos in team. To use more of the rares and better common I dropped to level 3 earlier this week.

Many problems have I meet in arena 3. The players have to mutch variety of dinos, and the competitors could change from being level 12 T-Rex and a level 12 Velo-raptor and in the next match be a level 5-6 ordinary commons. The matches is not near equal, instead you could loose 3-0 or 3-1.

Because of all this free attemps each week of mulitple uniqs, new beginners could level up a strong collection of dinos very fast, BUT problem is that new players in upcoming week also need to have same amount of good dinos to advance in the arenas.

When we getting to many attemps the whole format of the game drives everyone to better and better dinos in a fast way. The worth of common and rares are zero and they are not playable even in lower arenas.

I suggest the developers INCREASE the epics and rares with some % for active players who want to search and give time to the game, and stop Focus on just going out on weekends and collect the best dinos!

In the end everyone seems to get legendary faster and this will ruin the game when everyone have all the best dinos for lowest effort.



Never give up,move forward keep enjoy the match.
Developing the dinos who could evo to legendary.
Never think lose.Enjoy…:hugs: