To many Hackers!


I want a fair Battle! I play fair. But, some players don’t. It’s getting annoying. I take my time to collect DNA. Hackers just Hack. UnCool!!! It might be time to uninstall!!!


What are you running into? Just crazy level players? If so, that’s most likely the bots from Ludia. If you’re in queue for a battle and it takes longer than say 5 - 7 seconds, leave and then re-queue. And continue to do that until you get into a battle.


You sure it bots? I battle against Epic and Legendary Dino at Level 14 -15! That’s impossible for players to get that far! Is it?!?:thinking:


Pretty sure it’s bots yeah - and for whatever reason Ludia’s idea of matching a bot vs a player, means the bot’s Dino’s are generally 50% higher than yours.

You can generally tell if you’re battling a bot, coz they do some really dumb things - like you could be on 1 health, vs’ing a Dino that’s faster than you and instead of attacking you they’ll put a self buff on or something.


I really thought Hackers. Lol. I browse through the Leaderboard and think " How is that possible? Their Dinos are all Legendary, to top it all off level 20 or more"… Hackers! Ha


Yeah it’s a more natural assumption than what’s actually going on, so that makes sense!

In reality, Ludia should just disclose more information and be more forthcoming about these types of things, to avoid the bickering amongst all the players - which in the long run is just going to diminish the size of the player base and is a lose lose situation!


Yeah, I’m not sure why they haven’t come out and talked about it yet as it’s been a discussion from pretty much week one of full release.


Hackers are on this game…this one dude on YouTube hacks the game everyday to buy incubators…i strongly suggest u get him ludia cause he has 99999 money everyday…i honestly don’t anyone in there right mind would spend like a 200 bucks a day on a game