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To many legendarys

Im in the badlands arena and there are way to many legendaries. You think you are going to win, then a legendary comes out and wipes you away. Why are their so many in low lvl arenas now?!

the valentine event week

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It doesnt get better when u get higher so :man_shrugging:


even when you encounter “Remy”

Events. Spawns. Hybrid pursuit. 2-3 epic strikes a week. Daily missions. Alliance missions.

Legandaries are supposed to be pretty common at all levels after you have played for even a rather brief period now.

Not enough legendaries*

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being helpful*

If players are complaining about other players being better than them, nobody cares*


When I read the title I thought “oh boy this person wants to remove some Legendaries”.

What trophy count are you and what does your team look like ?

I see utasinoraotor all the time… I am just dropping in trophies here is my team

Its a low level arena… thats not complaining. They shouldn’t be down that far in the first place but so many are

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When did I ever imply I want them removed…? Good god you people…

But this is a low lvl arena. And I get nothing but legendary dinos to fight.

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Yeah you shouldn’t be seeing too many at your tier, let alone higher leveled ones.

We all got so excited with the St Pattys event (even me) but unfortunately there were some major consequences to it.

If it’s any consolation, the mid-tiers got obliterated when the recent tournament brought down high leveled players with the trophy reset.

Best I can say is give it time to equilibrate and hang in there.

Its not just the st pattys day event… thats the reality of the lower arenas in a world where people in those arenas get 100 tyrant tier dna everyday and 500 sino every week… i got multiple people in my alliance with multiple legendaries sub 2500… i have a guy that created his indom and he was at luke 2040… something that the op may be working on himself consider rex and raptor level. Sino legendaries are the norm down that low… once you hit 2700 you start to see teams with legendaries all 18-20…and uniques… had a guy at 2700 finish his indo last week.

Ss arcadia… the sub 1500 arena is full of lvl 18 sinos, carnos, concavs, and einosuchus.

These guys level and creste these hybrids faster then they can get out of the arenas their in so the avg level for those arenas just keeps going up without people actually able to crawl out of them.

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See you have leveled Stegosaurus. This was short sighted and the reason you are losing now. No offence we have all made mistakes like this. You need to stop wasting DNA and work on creating your own legendaries. If the teams you are playing are too over powered it just means you have battled and beaten teams better than your own for a while but eventually the smartest player in the world is going to drop back down in trophies as you need the correct weapons (dinos) to compete. It’s like having Greg Popovich coach a kids bball team. He’s good but you need the right team too.
Your focus shouldn’t be winning now, it should be making a better team including legendary dinos.


Hands down the most intelligent thing I’ve read on this forum in the past year :raised_hands:t4:


To get a clear picture of what the op is talking about for those of you who havent been paying attention of the lower arenas this person at 2300… ie not even a stretch to see them get matched with the current setup

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Now to the op… are you in an alliance? Because climbing the ladder right now without one is like tring to play this game hunting only the dinos you get from free scents… ie while technically possible you progress at such a slow rate youll actually slowly drop farther down the ladder as time goes on and I dont see any alliance mission dinos on your team.