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To much difference in Dinos lv

I know it’s nothing new what I am saying, being matched to Dinos many lv different then ours it’s normal, not always fair, a lv 21 against a lv 26, bit much, but the 3 days tournament, can’t think of calling it anything else atm, it really takes the biscuit, I played first 3 games against lv 11 to 16, not boosted, my smallest Dino it’s a 22 plus boosts, then the 4th game I met a lv 29,!
I can’t believe Ludia can’t make these matches a little more fair. Why is that?


That’s how tournaments work dude. Everyone starts at the bottom and the higher teams move up but match against lower teams in the process.


Even players with maxed level 30 Dino’s start at 0 medals. Untill they start racking up wins, you could be facing absolutely anyone. The beginning is always a mess, but it will be sorted as the tourney goes on.

To start with all tournaments are like that. That’s how things work at the beginning and then as players rise players start to face teams more akin to their own abilities.

Ok, I get that, but, I mostly agree that the beginning it’s messy, or when players drop to a LV they starts meeting lower LV players, still how is fighting a LV 14 and straight after a LV 26 Thora with 2.300 bite considered normal in a tournament?

You can always wait a day before battling to avoid the higher levels