To much gold


Maybe set it up to where we can use gold to buy dna or something I don’t need darts but I know some people can’t find enough so that might be an option but me I need dna or more dinosaurs


If you are low level yes you do have so much gold that you think its practically infinite but i am level 12 arena 7 right now and damn i need some coins. I have 1 dino at 16,3 2 at 17,1 at 18 and 1 at 19 level all waiting to level up. I have all the dna i just dont have the coins for it.i am spending my entire cash to coins. If i could,i would sell darts for coins. So a friendly advise:just keep your coins you will need them a lot


It’s gonna cost me 120,000 coins to level up my Stegoceratops. Save your coins while you have a bunch. Don’t ever waste them or you’ll regret it.


Believe me, there is no such thing as having too many coins. You’ll find out soon.


Bumped my Stegodeus to level 18 this weekend… I think it was 20K coins just to go up that level… my first level 18 dino so it was definitely surprising to see that cost associated with one level. I can see where the problem will arise as I get more dinosaurs up to those levels. Save those coins!


Awwww the joys of being a noob