To My Last Opponent


I am so, so sorry. I just got through a 4 loss streak and then out came you with your level 7 dinos against my lvl 11 velociraptor that i had just put in out of frustration of losing to OP bots. And then even with your stego, you chose to use strike instead of thagomizer. You didnt even get past the velociraptor, and I had a clean sweep victory. I don’t know if you gave up seeing the level difference or not, but I am so sorry for the bad match up. Hopefully this wont happen again and the new update fixes this.


Fortunately that was’t me but I do see how you can become frustrated as I have been getting opponents with level 25+ on all of their dinos. My level 15s don’t have a chance but good thing its just a stupid game lol


True, but as an addendum? Last opponent was super close fight. If I didn’t get that critical, I would have lost. I love close battles like that. Even better? It was after the update so I tossed them a friend request. Maybe we can have a rematch lol.