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To paleontology fans; what’s your favorite jwa design

Even while of course Jurassic world is not expected to be accurate, there’s many designs in this game that are very rooted in reality. Wondering what your favorite depictions are!

-for me it’s gorgonops and andrewsarchus, both feel very natural and life like.

I like Spyx cuz it’s literally a spino’s head put onto an erliko’s body then sprayed with a spray can


Haast maximus because I love the fire theme


To clarify I mean fave designs from a real life accuracy standpoint, but all answers welcome


All cenozoic and permian creatures look pretty natural and accurate for the most parts (except Andrew, it lacks more fur), so all of them are my picks. My favorite between them would be Megaloceros.

-Laughs in Edaphosaurus-

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For natural, its eucladoceros; for overall favorite, its spinonyx

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Natural, I guess maybe Dakotaraptor.

Overall though, a tossup between Tryostronix, Mammolania, Trykosaurus, Diorajasaur, and Tuoramoloch.

well then I’d say Entelodon

I hate the Entelodon design in this game, mainly because of the lack of cheeks and lips. It’s a bad example of shrinkwrapping. It’s basically this meme but taken literally: