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To powerful for sanctuary

my son and i are both in a clan and sometimes i play on his phone to help with clan missions as ive just done he’s fast asleep and trying to get his phone during the day is impossible lol, anyway i tried to put wooly mammoth in the sanctuary its lvl 14 to farm some dna for him and a message reads 'to powerful for this lvl ’ so i assume he can do it @ lvl 12 same as multi fusions,now i understand that but what baffles me is ive just done several battles and fought level 20 legendary indominous,utasino,and alosinosaurus to name a few, and the utasino was boosted!!! and he can’t apply boosts at his lvl 11,how is this fair in any way?? its no wonder he’s lost interest he kept saying dad im getting beat in battles by dinos boosted and higher ranked and legendary when i only have epics!!! 2/3/4/5 lvls lower than most opponent’s so cmon Ludia if your gonna restrict low lvl players using sanctuaries and boosts to improve there best dinos then match him with opponents at an equal standard thank you Andy


it actually says ‘this creature is too powerful for your abilities’ and 13 in a circle so lvl 13 to use sanctuary! but its ok to fight lvl 20’ legendary dinos crazy setup this game as brilliant as it is needs sorting

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That actually was to add some much needed progression do that new players don’t get super powerful hybrids early on


thanks for your comments i understand that and agree with the idea of not creating super powerful low levelled players which i did refer to, but my point is if you’re going to limit low level players abilities then you must limit the opponent’s level lower TO or its unbalanced,unfair and demoralising and a lot of players have lost interest as there getting slaughtered in battles and youn children like my son find it hard to take the constant beating by boosted higher lvl players coz his account is restricted !!

That’s cuz of Ludia’s awful matchmaking

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Mine is too but “life always finds a way”. You will too! I just got to aviary which a couple of weeks ago seemed impossible. You can struggle when you reach an end point for your dinos but they can get better and soon your trophies will be higher if you play them right. Incubators also help a lot, especially the ten takedowns one.