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To repeat what EVERYONE has already said about the current "match-up" system

Simply put… it’s wildly unfair.
The first 2 pictures are of my profile and my team/top dinos.
Below these are examples of the players I’ve so far faced in this tournament (June 12th).
*Before you say anything, I know uniques aren’t in this tournament, but their legendaries are all level 30 as well lol
I would say the pictures speak for themselves :joy:


Same… This type of tourney is not for lower level like us… Ludia is doing it for high lv of player… Sad for us just can complete 10 takedown

I only played for 10 takedowns

K… But if they do that, where’s the tournament’s for the littles? (The level cap tournaments (L26) aren’t quite the same thing…)

Also, those players overall rank is Top 500… my tourney rank is like 7k and my overall is 29k :joy: I shouldn’t even be matched with these people to start with…

Tournament is supposedly a fair playing field where everyone starts in the same score and then the better players rise up and the not so good players settle in their place.

Arena top players have a huge advantage in seasons since they already are given 1000s of trophies more than the rest at the start of every season.

In tournament, Ludia has tried to space the top players out by giving them 100s of trophis so they start against stronger opponents. For lower level players, advantage tournaments tend to be very discouraging.

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My first battle with my all level 20 team went up against level 26, 27 and 28 and managed to take one down. This one was painful to get my 10 take downs but as time went, I got more evenly matched opponents.

My 1st account first battle was opposite against a team way too little then the rest were more even.

That was kind of painful but I got my 10 take downs and I’m done.

Prbly not the perfect place to put this but it has to do with tournaments as well. Can we please nerf this legendary “Indoraptor gen 2”. It’s move set is quite preposterously overpowered, a fact most prevalent during tournaments; truly sucks the fun out of this game especially the tournament aspect. Multiple other dinosaurs have been nerfed that seem to not to have needed it, yet this guy stays untouched. Why? A simple fix would be to give “Definate Strike” a cooldown of 2. Or take the distraction aspect away from “Cautious Strike” which in itself is an over powered move especially given to one as fast and healthy as indoraptor. Please for the fun of the game fix this.

What makes you think it wun be nerfed or that the meta will not change to be CS-punishing. The update is already set in stone by now. If Ludia hasnt nerfed IndoR G2 it wun in the next update and judging by the record will not till September.

My issue with Tourneys isnt 1 dino but the concept of extremes. 1 is totally “fair” the other is totally “advantage”. No middle ground where boosts are no present but default levels are. Or you get to bring you dinos with boosts but they are set to lvl 26 (this will be a huge mess).

Dude that’s how I got into top 100 in one of the tournaments a while back. And that was without entelomoth.

I like skill tourneys because they allow the players that actually think to come out on top, as they should be.

As for advantage tourneys, fix matchmaking and some might actually enjoy them.

Supposed to be. Then Ludia allow Gyro/Nublar users to have an unfair advantage in trophies at the start.

Advantage is pretty.much in need of a middle ground variant. No boosts just lvls. Also AP refreshing. Tournaments now are just who has the best team (Advantage) or who has the best luck, most time and some skill (Skill). Even with my OP Epic purebreds, I didnt actually find it that fun. Once you drop away from your high score, its pointless to play.

Once the fodder, for lack of a better term, stop playing, tournament is just a bunch of nuts fighting each other. There is no fun.

This is ridiculous

This guy wiped my team and then had the audacity to spam the yawn emote.

What matter of rubbish is this?

Team doesn’t matter much for matchmaking. Medals are the mains thing considered. And if you’re in range of monsters, you’ll face monsters. This different amount of starting medals was one of the most useless things they’ve ever done. It didn’t change much - if anything - in the matchmaking…

The medal range is large enough for you to face players at hundreds of trophies ahead of you in the arena, so you’ll get your butt kicked anyway. Not to mention that people enter the tourneys at different moments. So if you start early and go up in medals, you will end up facing stronger opponents that had just entered it around that medal range you’ve reached…

Putting the top players closer to the bottom at the beginning with 100s of trophies doesn’t give the Littles a chance… it kills our already small trophy count while the Bigs climb their way back to the top. What they SHOULD do is have separate leaderboards depending on the level of your dinos (1-9, 10-19, 20-30). You could pick your team at the beginning and aren’t allowed to change dinos so it wouldn’t mess with which leaderboard you’re in).

I’ve turned off Emojis :joy: I HATE them