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To sum up the Arena

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Today I was 3-0’ed by someone who just had to keep swapping between Epic Rhino and Monolorhino… I had Gemini 30, Maxima 30, Mortem 28 (but slower than Mrhino), some of the strongest creatures in the game, all max boosted, and there was simply nothing I could do… It’s either Rat+Rhino or Rhino+Rhino… I don’t know what to say anymore if you think this is “ok”…


Reasons like this is why I’m going to start boosting my level 30 rixis and 27 grypo.


Both don’t help at all against MRhino and Rat…, only against epic Rhino

In my personal opinion I don’t think the rats should have immunity to swap prevention. Makes it more tactical of when you actually use them because there’s a chance your foe could bring in something with no escape or swap prevention in general.


True but in the situation you described above it does potentially put an end to the constant swapping by having the ability to prevent epic rhino from swapping out. Dealing with Mrhino and or draco is a different story. Draco needs lose swap immunity or the ability to cleanse it.

My theme team for the week is ceratopsians and that is the tactic. In the Arena though I get scuppered about half the time because Sarcorixis and other no escape creatures are so prevalent. I appreciate that it is an annoying tactic but it has it’s counters.

Ceratopsians have counters. MRhino does not if it’s boosted in a way that blocks the chompers

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Just wait till players start using Cera when it’s unlocked.

You think it’s bad now…


One reason why I don’t want to go Above gyro.

I hate when people done even let you get a single kill. Its so rude. We have DBI we are working on too ya know? Wanna strangle them…

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The swap ins in ithe arena are so freaking ridiculous that people (including myself) are swapping to Rhino when their creature is at low heath, even when they are faster and could take down the opponent in front of them, because they predict he/she will swap to Rat or Rhino too… Seriously, I would say what I think about who came up with this swap in damage thing, but last time I did that I was banned…

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