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To those complaining about matchmaking

Consider the alternative.

The real issue with matchmaking that no one ive seen is talking about is the timing. Matchmaking can only be as good as whomever else is online - do you want to wait (5 minutes, 10 minutes, an hour?) until someone with similar stats as you happens to be online and happens to be wanting to battle as well, or would you rather wait 30s-1minute and battle whomever is currently online and closest to you in trophys/power even if the only person online is 500 trophies ahead.

If they “fix” matchmaking all you’re going to get is ppl complaining about how long it takes to get an actual match and how no one can actually move up bc they only ever get AI matches.

Be careful what you wish for - getting one thing usually means you have to sacrifice another.


To be clear - I’m not defending the current matchmaking system. I’m currently still unboosted in my pvp team and getting destroyed in the arena, I just don’t think it’s as easy or as quick a fix as everyone seems to think it is. Any change will come with unintended consequences.


You’ve got it spot on @TheShrimps, and as easy as it is to complain, I wonder how many that do realise that this is the alternative.

An algorithm will only ever be useful if enough people are around at any given time. How can anyone develop an algorithm that matches 100% when there aren’t the people around?

How many people have tried to get a raid when they are free, only to sit around waiting for the right people to be online at the same time?


Then it stems down to making the meta and arena more enjoyable so that the player base grows and more people will actually want to battle. If the issue at its root is not enough people then work on your system and game and the players will grow thereafter.

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Yeah i complain about matchmaking

And they can’t repair it because they don’t know how to do it

So give us free access to “FIGHT AI” option

You can be sure,there will be 200% no mistake done

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I have repeated it several times !!! they complain without knowing how it works.

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Pairing depends on the arena you are in and not on what you have

just place your eight weakest dinos on your team and head to the arena. What would Ludia have to match you with ???

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