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To those complaining defense buff in arena is too much

I understand the fustration but do you really think of the alternative would be better?

As it stands now defenders of an equal level stand a good chance. However if the buff to defense was removed the attacker would always have a huge advantage.

So what would this mean? Basically arena would be a boring grind of who is prepared to spend the most time and money resetting. If you want to keep trophies you would need to keep paying for shields.

So what you prefer? Reaching a cap where winning further becomes a real challenge or a pay to win grind feast?


Right now the arena is precisely a boring grind of who can spend the most money resetting lol, it isn’t hard for the big whales to midlessly grind to be at the top (see leaderboards). The whole game is p2w so what you’re saying doesn’t make sense.

Also there’s no real challenge in the arena, i’m at 3.1k trophies and haven’t had a single battle in which when 1-2 dragons are killed from either team they are able to come back, you either steamroll or get steamrolled depending on luck.
The only safe strategy that will get you a lot of wins is using Sawmaw/MM lineups which becomes almost invincible on defense with the busted spirit gain that the AI gets.


Yes and making defense much weaker would only amplify that.

I agree with you and I actually like it as it is. I know most people not going to like this comment, but I don’t care. I like it because I can progress in my own pace without worrying about loosing too much trophy. If they would remove the buff from the defense team I guess I would just have to stop playing the arena.