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To those who struggle with indoraptor gen 2

I know indoraptor gen 2 can be such a pain due to cautious strike, but remember it has counters, you just gotta figure out how to counter it, you can also use a second Dino if you have to, but I’m going to list dinos that can take on indo g2 alone, here’s a list of those creatures:

T1: null strike, the indo g2 should go for cautious strike, turn 2 another null strike, it doesn’t matter if they go for CS or DSR, then turn 3 finish off the indo g2 with a powerful decelerating rampage, still alive? Finish it with a third null strike. Just hope the indo g2 doesn’t crit on one of her moves and you’ll be fine.

Quetzorion: unfortunately, this one is a guessing game, so your gonna want to go in with your gut with this one. If you think they will MF, use SS and then finish off the indo g2 with a ferocious null rampage, if you go for SS but the indo g2 goes for CS, your also gonna want to go in with your gut and hope for a 20% crit. Otherwise you loose. Now if you APS and they go for CS, it’s another guessing game. If you think they will CS then go for null rampage, but if you think they will DSR, then go for SS.


Ardontosaurus: T1 go for definite strike, the indo g2 should go for cautious strike, people like me are smart and wound go for ES turn 2 since they know that our opponent is going to go for decel impact, and then DSR, we also do this so we can have a boosted indo g2 for atleast one turn after we kill the ardontosaurus. Go for another definite strike if you think your opponent is going for ES. Then you can finish off the injured indo g2 with a decel impact and then a heavy DSR.

Bajatonodon: you go for bellow and the opponent should go for CS, once that’s over go for SV they should do another CS, once after that you go for a high damage devastation, if they survive with evasive stance do the same, SV and then a massive devastation and it should drop dead after that.

Carbotoceratops: This creature doesn’t have a good chance of beating the indo g2, but it still makes it on the list since it’s one of the few creatures that stand a Chance against it.

T1 the indo g2 should ES T1, then you can go for dig in, don’t go for superior vulnerability T1 since your just giving your opponent a chance to setup mutual fury. Once you go for dig in now go for superior vulnerability and then hope you can get lucky and hit fully on the vulnerable indo g2 with that strong devastation.

Carnotarkus: once again another Dino we would like to go for MF when we are slower, hence why people may try to evasive stance T1 againts carnotarkus since they think they will superiority strike T1. Well, go for precise rampage T1 since they are likely to go for ES, then on turn 2 you can go for a superiority strike to slow down the indo g2 and finish off the slowed and injured indo g2 with another precise rampage.

Dsungaia: you can go for ferocious strike T1, then go for shielded decelerating strike T2 since they are likely to cautious strike and then you can save your huge thagomizing attack next turn, once you did your two ferocious moves on the indo g2 it should be dead if my math is correct if you go for your ferocious thagomizer even if it dodges.

Indo g2: you can also use your own indo g2 againts your opponent! Though be careful when using it. You can end up in a bad spot if you don’t play correctly, overall when both indo’s go in the battle field, try to be the slower one so that your evasion stays on and your opponent’s wares out. Then go for a strong DSR on them, or you can CS twice if you think your opponent is going to ES.

phorusaura: another guessing game. T1 go for instant rampage and the indo g2 should CS, now this is where the guessing game starts, if you think they will DSR, go for SS, if you think they will CS, go for superiority strike and finish off the indo g2 with a rampage and run.


Brontolasmus: go for long defense strike T1, and the indo g2 should CS, then go for decel rampage as they may go for DSR. Or if you think they will CS again, go for RS and then a Decel rampage and then finish off the indo g2 with a DR.

Carbonemys: same concept as it’s hybrid carbotoceratops, don’t let them set up MF. Go for dig in. Then superior vulnerability and hope you hit fully when they go for ES, once again not a recommended creature to use againts indo g2.

Indom g2: ah, one of indo g2’s parents make it on this list, for this, you want to go for DS since they are likely to CS, luckily, you are immune to distraction and you can remove the evasion so indom g2 is a very good choice, now cloak, the indo g2’s best hope for this is to crit on atleast on one of her CS, if she doesn’t, the indom g2 can finish off the indo g2 with a cloaked definite strike.

Procerathomimus: normally you would go for NS T1 right? Well go for evasive stance, the opponent will go for CS T1 also but the reason why to ES T1 and not NS is now your not in the open amen you can kill the indo g2, once it goes for it’s second CS, null strike, then now you can finish it off with a powerful distracting rampage. Still alive after it dodged the DR? Go for another null strike!

Wooly rhino: this my friends is a simple indo g2 killer, all you have to do is lethal wound, then decel strike and then definite rampage for the win, overall, this is a simple indo g2 killer but it’s not easy to get since it’s incubator exclusive, but once you get it you can kick a indo g2 in no time!


Bajadasaurus: once again, don’t let your opponent set up mutual fury, go for bellow, then superior vulnerability and finish off with a devastation, once again hopefully you hit fully when it goes for evasive stance.

I’m incredibly sorry but not much else can beat a indo g2 in a one on one matchup. So if you don’t have any of these dinos, sorry, once again, if you don’t have any of the dinos listed above, your best hopes are to use two dinos againts it, for example, erlikospyx may not be able to beat a indo g2 one on one, but it can if it can get some help from the dracorex. Hopefully Ludia decides to change something about cautious strike or they can add in more counters to it in the future.


Sorry, but almost all of these flat out lose to Indoraptor G2 if the Indog2 user has any sense as to what they’re doing.

IndoG2 has no reliable counters. Cautious Strike renders it too powerful and it requires adjustment.


Here’s a rare instance of Dsungaia winning against Indoraptor Gen 2 in the epic legendary skill tournament from last week.

For already being injured from the first opponent and only having a 17% chance to actually win against Indoraptor Gen 2, my Dsungaia did pretty good.

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Umm what about Eddie like think he should have a better chance than Baja cause you know nullifying impact.

Like @bobbymcfeen said, it depends on the opponent. I’ve taken out level 20+ Proceras with my level 18 Phorusaura because they just played the wrong moves.

Back in the first Legendary Tournament after IG2 was released, I took out several 1v1 with Brontolasmus, because the opponents tended to go in guns blazing with what was then Definite Rampage, leaving them completely open.

I’ve actually used my own level 19 Dsungaia against level 20 boosted Indo G2s in the arena, and managed to get them to sub-500 levels of health since they always go for the Rampage instead of Evasive Stance to ensure a 2-hit KO. If my Dsungaia had been on equal levels, it would have taken all of them out, even unboosted. I guess it’s because they’re not used to facing it, but they never see that Ferocious Thagomizer coming lol.

Speaking of IG2, since most opponents tend to use Cautious Strike when in doubt, and generally shy away from Mutual Fury, using Long Invincibility against IG2 might be a good option too. As long as Quetzorion lands a Nullifying Rampage after Indo has already sped up from CS, it’s a guaranteed victory.
Of course, if the opponent does open with Mutual Fury, then it goes back to being a guessing game, with either Sidestep or Nullifying Rampage being the best option.

If Monolorhino had speed control, then we would have another real contender. If it’s stats were better too of course.
A Precise Decelerating move could go a long way, and it’s already been confirmed, Ludia just need to stick it onto something.

The biggest problem as I see it with Indo is the fact that it can use a 3 turn evasive as well as having cautious strike every turn too. A double whammy if you like and that’s just crazy.

If you can’t slow it, you’ve had it. Simple.

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