To VIP or not to VIP... that's the question

I’m thinking about restarting the game, but untill quitting I’ve been VIP for a long time, so now I need te become VIP again to keep my buildings etc.

But… it’s not cheap (yes, you do get lots of good and fun things but it’s still not cheap) and if the game ever stops you’ve lost everything. If I buy a pc-game I can get a new game that I can play forever for the same price as 1 month VIP, so over a year… Well, you get it.
On the other hand the game is more fun with VIP because of the advantages.

So… me, myself and I are not getting an answer, I just don’t know what to do :sweat_smile: I’m already thinking about it for 2 days (not whole days, don’t worry, haha) and I have 5 more before I lose my buildings (they’re good at keeping the pressure high and keep it in your face, I must admit that).

For those who have VIP: would you be able to play without? Why are you keeping it?
And for those who don’t: do you feel like you get somewhere, or more that you miss out on things?

Every thought is appreciated, maybe it can help me make a desision :laughing:

Honestly if your gonna restart don’t buy vip until mid game cause in early game it is very useless
And if you are gonna restart think about all the creatures u won’t unlock because most creatures now are unlocked by special events and some use amber wich is annoying to get and alot of tournament creatures haven’t got a tournament for years