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To zoomed in

I created this thread because I have noticed that in the new update that I am zoomed in way to much and I can’t zoom out it’s so annoying and I want to address this to Ludia and I want to know if anyone else is having the same problem as me.

Ive seen this bug before the update. Quite frequently. Happens if I close the app while in a dialog from the mission characters.

How do I fix it gabochido

You need to restart the game. When you restart you will probably go back to the dialog the characters were having. Finish the dialog and find a button that you can press to exit that screen. I’m usually able to tap a small part of the button that exists the screen. Once you are out, just force quit the app so it does a full restart and you should be good.

On my pc, I zoomed in with one of the extra mouse buttons(I have a 5 button mouse). But I could not find a way to zoom out. Exiting Game and returning fixed it me.

Interesting. My post got flagged for mentioning a 3rd party program.

The interesting part is I clicked thru the Ludia website trying to install Jurassic world the game on windows 10. Their own software directed me to a sponsored 3rd party installer which did not work. That directed me to another 3rd party Installer (not sponsored) that allowed it to work! You would think if Ludia wants to allow windows users, they should publish their proper procedure for installing the software. Or better yet, fix their software so it will auto install. What they recommend right now does not work.