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Today I ended my VIP

I’m so tired of the bad match making.
After loosing 10 in a row, (al to higher lvl impossible to beat) I ending this vip (after almost 2 years)
It’s so sad to see how they destroyed such a funny game to a buy to win game, or even just buy to think you gonna win.
Thanks for the fun in the past.


I ended mine two months afte I started just wasn’t worth it

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I ended it in April on first day of boost 1.0


I don’t blame ya for dropping it, and besides you aren’t missing anything with the VIP anyway…like I mean you get what, a little extra DNA due to increased flight time? who needs DNA?

I mean the only thing it would change is instead of seeing your level 25 dead on the arena floor, you get to see your level 26 dead on the arena floor lol

@Moksha Its funny that boosts were adding the month of April Fools lol


I ended my vip in march. I don’t battle in the arena anyway. I grind to bring my dino’s up to level 30. But as a night player only and living in local 1. I was sick of the endless wave of the majunga plague. I wil admit that sinds 1.10 there are more variation of spawns. But for the 2 epics a week i can now find in the wild, the vip is to expensive

I won’t even do the 1 month free vip lol


I’m ending mine next before next cycle. Due to the bug issues, boosts, and ludia lackadaisical approach. They make millions off this game. Should be better. No excuses. They have the resources.


I ended it too (several times during the nine months in the aviary), but i soon missed the range/battery.

My verdict:

Not worth a single cent on this game Developer.

With every update the game has become unplayable. We can list hundreds of unacceptable flaws.

Hardly see a single Green drop. Can’t complete the Rare event. Now having a hard time finding the Epic creatures.

Until the Developer changes, I’m not going to spend a penny on this game…


Financially responsible people :arrow_heading_up:


Yeah, have lost several AI battles with much higher level dinos than mine. AI used to be a guaranteed win, now it seems harder than fighting an opponent honestly.

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Feels like they just squeezing money out of you pocket. All the bugs… Jesus I just getting irritated with the lack of programming skills. Almost every update feels like they giving up on the game. More bugs, new rules so the dinos you have worked hard for are useless, relearning the game, new dinosaurs to lvl up, then a new updat,again learn new dinos…
Ye you see what I mean.


Yes - I wish they would stop making changes on focus on some fixes for a while.


True story…

Exactly. I’d love to spend some money and support the developers, but not Ludia. They’ve dropped the ball time and time again and at this point I feel like they either don’t care, or are incapable. Or both. I really wish Universal gave the game rights to someone actually competent.


“Greed corrupts, but absolute greed corrupts absolutely!” Quote Stiffeno after ripping off some other persons quote and modifying it.

With the update they changed the way the bots function. If you notice, many many times the bot will counter the battle selection you just chose. Way too many times this happens just to be random. Test it sometimes and see what happens. Sad that ludia had to rig the bots to cheat.


Dunno why you felt the need to tell us this, but good for you.

People like to express their opinion, just like you went and added yours.


Yeah, earlier the AI battles used be a guaranteed win but now it is tougher than players. Seems like it is to discourage us to battle AI as if they don’t want to give us an incubator so easily and we have to fight hard for it.

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