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Today I ended my VIP

Would you quite changing your profile pic? I am so confused. :wink:

We can have more than one seagull.

Funny that you mention that. I noticed that when I did a distraction it would do a superiority strike. Definitely knew what I was throwing at it and then seemed to counter accordingly.


I remember your very first post on the forum @MyFishDrowned. It seems we’ve come out of our shell ?

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I have Quetzy I was using once against a bot and it took my speed away so I did a side step to get it back. It threw a superiority strike and took it away again. Three times I did that and three times it kept throwing superiority strikes. Random? I dont think so. Ludia I would rather go against equal strength bots versus you having to cheat.

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I would like to see my very first post on the forums. mostly cuz I forgot what it even is


@MyFishDrowned I think this might be your first post? It doesn’t say “This is this is MyFishDrowned first post” but I cant seem to find one earlier -

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Make vip great again. Wait was it great before? :joy:

Seriously paying 10$ a month is only cool if you got the money like that you get a little extra dna. Its 120$ a year. Some games sell for 60$ and you don’t pay subscriptions. It’s a 1 time fee. At 120$ a year we’re buying two AAA games a year from you. I don’t think the incentives are truly worthy. You ought to look into improving it.