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Today I lost 7 times

I dropped from 4025 to 3800.

My mono did not dodge even one hit.
my high level stegodeus lose to lower level stegodeus by Critical.
my stegoceratops only land 2 stuns today.
my monolometrodon did not critical at all since i got him.

How was your battle today?

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My last days fightings

Tuesday was the worst day… 7 losses as well. I feel you.


I like how you keep track of your trophies like this :heart:

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I don’t have a fancy spreadsheet (impressive, @SaraCuriosa) but keep a battle log on a notepad. At one point I lost 6 in a row, going from 4535 to 4344 trophies. Sometimes it just seems to happen this way… you only get your B or C team, the opponent’s stun/cloak/dodge/crit always works and yours never does…

I find it is best to just stop for a while after 3 or 4 losses, at that point I may be too frustrated to think straight and probably make mistakes I otherwise wouldn’t. It appears that RNG can totally turn against you, but RNG is just that… random. It can’t possibly do that (right?!)

P.S. Later that day I won 6 in a row, going from 4329 to 4440 trophies… surely it wasn’t RNG, just my strategy and skill :laughing:


I just lost 3 in a row because a mono dodged me all 3 times…

Just 7 times? You are lucky, man. I’ve lost 10 times IN A ROW. 1h of loosing. From 4250 to 3950. Example?
Monomimus: 6 x dodge in the freaking row. Min 2 x for Indominus Rex.
Do you think 5% of getting crit is a low chance? Yeah, maybe for your dinos. Opponent have no problems with that. And so on and so forth… Irritating. But hey! You can always buy another incubator (just for hit a wall a little bit later).

damn 4250 to 1950, hard core…

Indeed. Now I’m on 4100 again. Still a long way up :slight_smile:
I would except a “win->defeat->win->defeat” scheme without any problems. But this is a pure madness…

level 19 monomimus wrecking my team of level 25 average again, but there’s no problem with it :joy:


I think you got a digit wrong bud

Edited. No, it wasn’t so bad :wink:

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It’s not a problem if your the one with the Monominimus :wink:

I find that a bias towards winning or losing is more likely to occur when playing at different times during the day. Interesting that.


Whenever I play someone who uses as their first move evasive I wait 14 seconds before I press my next move whole match. If they wanna play with luck and get wins they don’t deserve I just make them wait. Am I a-hole? Propably, are they? Definitely :see_no_evil:

yeahhh, i used monolopho for monostego expecting a buff, instead monomimus got buffed…
this weeks event is great for getting up one or 2 more levels

lol, except it also costs you 14 seconds every time xD

That’s jolly unsporting of you

Yeah, it does. I don’t mind. I’m just so sick of this rng and how it allows people to rely on luck and not really think.

Yes, it is but I don’t care. If they wanna rely on luck they might as well wait little longer to get win they don’t deserve. Today i had opponent who could have killed my already beated to death megalosuchus but instead used monomimus’ evasive. Well he/ she got lucky and dodged my hit but still that was very dumb move.