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Today, I Unboosted my entire team

After being fed up with crutches and entire teams of dinos that win soley because they have more money to burn than me, I unboosted my entire team.

With, or without boosts, I’m always going to be behind the payers. So if I’m gonna lose, I might as well grab some underdog wins while I’m at it.

If anyone else is on the fence on whether or not to do it, please, do it. It’s quite relieving. Your rank doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you have fun.


Pics? Or you’re just trying to gain an advantage :wink:


That is taking quite a loss, 50% of everything you had on.

You might start getting better MM, more about your team strength. I only get highly mismatched at the start of a season or droppers passing through. At 4700 – 4800 I get mostly 3/2 – 2/3 battles. This morning I went 2/3, 3 matches in a row before winning one.

Is that you Praise heh? If yeah. Then you already know how long I played unboosted. It has it’s own frustrations. But it is probably less inducing than having boosts and having a higher expectation. But instead running into massive maxxed boosted crutches with 30 tiers of boosts. Its ridiculous.

So being unboosted offers some fun and ability to switch out your creatures at will. GL.

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Why you boosted your dinos on first place?

I still didn’t boost them back after reset.

You are aware that you’re not allowed to call anyone names, even if you censor your own words, right?

Such a friendly first post :slight_smile: Enjoy the flags you’re gonna get!


Seems a bit excessive. I’m free to play. Never bought a boost and any that I get I worked for. I try and use these over a few different dinos so I’m avoiding the dreaded crutch.
I understand the frustration with playing against the whales but there will be a lot of players grinding away for their boosts. Use them, you’ve earned it!


Did the boss not give you the promotion or something?


The way I see it, regardless of if I have no boosts or the max I can have as a (mostly) free to play, I’m going lose against all the crutches, might as well just relieve myself. It’s been going good, fighting a fair amount of unboosted teams. Almost feels like old JWA.


Working for pennies dude :wink:

I never used boosts after reset. I also removed all uniques from my team and dropped to upper aviary with my new team. I’m having much more fun now in the Arena.


Yes I have been doing a similar thing. Fewer boosts in the lower level arenas and you can play with different dinos. :slight_smile:

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Well the thing is, Boosts are ruining the game. They need to go.

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Oh you little children with the power of flagging posts XD
Flee from the harsh reality of criticism.


There’s a difference between blatant insults and well formed criticism. Guess which one you were flagged for.


Person: Unboosts
This guy: oBviOusLY tHeY’re MaKiNg pEOplE wHo dO bOoSt lOoK liKE IdIoTs! hOw cOnDEscEnDinG! Bleghh!


hey everyone the RATS are back in the game…
it appears a lot of the * arena droppers * from high levels are at it yet again, crushing the life out of anyone that comes across their path to the river of blood they leave behind them in the battle arenas.!.
getting a bit tired of it really seeing the sudden RAT infestation cropping up once more, when it got nerfed a goodly percentage of us said about bleeding time.!. as the RAT almost but not completely vanished from over 80% of arenas battles overnight which was a good thing for the game but now it appears the pesky things are back and in ever increasing numbers, even a few members of our alliance started using totally OP’d rats in our alliance when it came to friendly battles / challenges but we changed tactics and outright refused to play / battle against anyone in the alliance using them in friendly challenges they soon changed their tune when no one wanted to battle them at any time …lol

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This is a nice, friendly place. No room for mean language or direct criticism, unless it is aimed at the tyrants who rule this little chatroom with an iron fist :fist:t3:

Oh I ran into a level 30 Thor in low Aviary today. I yawn emoted so many times and let the timer run out every round :smirk: