Today is gonna be a good day


just what I always wanted


Yeah Ludia are fond of giving us garbage from the supposed to be “good” incubators!

I actually caught 2-3 Koolies last night while raptor hunting…it was my first ever epic I got when I started playing and was my opening tank for agessss. It worked really well at those levels with its damage and speed reducing abilities and relatively high HP and shield breaking!

I actually seen one of the super high rated players have a really high level Koolie on their team! It would work well if over leveled like that I bet!

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I feel your pain… same thing happened to me 2 days ago:

Got a 24 hour arena incubator that gave me koola and concaventor (for the 3rd time)
(My tournament prize was half grypo too😂)

Hopefully the other epic you got was useful tho!


Mine is at level 20 with still 8000 dna leftover :joy:

That’s horrible @Idris!

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Ohhhh the Coin-Manity!

Epic inkubátorból

Lucky getting that Dilorano, I don’t even have a SINGLE point of DNA and im halfway through level 16 LOL!

Though I did get 8 Indominus rex DNA when I was level 8!

I’m still in a small arena.

Give it time, you will move up the ranks like the rest of us. Don’t be in any hurry to reach the Sorna Wastelands, its a horrible place LOL.

Though it is a realistic setting I suppose!

Sixth arena.

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Ok thank you

Most collecting the clash.

I actually like battling in that Lockdown arena, though id love to reach the Lockwood manor!

And I don’t think ive even SEEN the Aviary map before =/, even in a video!

Gunna go watch now actually haha! Now I wanna see :slight_smile:

If I go upstairs now I’m down because I have stronger opponents.

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And did you get that hard or just me?

Yeah as your rating goes up the players you face will be stronger and stronger! You just need to improve your own team and slowly climb the ladders!