Today is the “big day June 4”


So all I’m seeing is lame Dino’s at the green locations all triceratops??? Not even a rare the lame common one everyone ignores!! Where’s the good Dino’s for this. So called big day? Not to mention I pay the monthly fee for nothing at all what a couple extra darts and a few coins that are low amounts I never even get the money from spins just coins !! Common now I’ll be opting out if something better doesn’t come for this monthly fee and a better Dino at least a rare at the green spots… when you pay for a game you expect the best ??


The event is only on its first day and they never say it was supposed to be epic or rare at all. It’s just a featured dinosaur. The next one could rare or epic, so if you are patient enough you will be able to hunt down one.

A Featured Dinosaur will spawn under a Special Event Supply Drop at local parks and surrounding areas. The Featured Dinosaur will change daily at 10 am EDT.”

And for the VIP subscription, all the advantage are written or their site, it’s not a surprise. If you can’t take advantage of it or don’t want to pay just unsubscribe. When you pay you expect to get what you have paid for : it’s exactly the case…


Yeah, but it should have been a common people want like Velo.


Wait and see. Why drop the best common on the first day ?


Dude; this week dinos will include the ankylo, nodo and dilo… Those 3 will be featured one day… THREE DAYS WILL BE AMAZING!!! Chill my man it’ll all be alright lol.

Everyone participating this week will have a decent nodo hybrid next week guaranteed. Especially with velo meta you definitely want that hybrid.


Oh, cool! how did you find out the list of dinos for the week? im too dumb to find it.
Also, does the dilo hybridize into anything??


You get a notification in-game with the list of featured dinosaurs. And no the dilophosaur don’t have any hybrid as now. 5 of the seven featured dinosaurs will have at least one hybrid


No but my level 17 dilo slaughters any carnivore and this event will boost its level tremendously!

Try to catch apato and nodo for that hybrid; its the PERFECT counter to velo and any fast dino really.


Also to see the list, click on the right bottom icon (the paper) there is the dinosaur list!


So does anyone know what is going with this event in Europe? More specifically in Denmark? I literally have 20 supply drops near me and none of them are green… is the event not gonna be in all the countries? It came to my unserstanding that the event will start 10 am EDT which is 4 pm in Denmark. Now its 5 and no green supply drops anywhere. Would apreciate someone that could shed some light in the matter


Go to google maps and search for a ‘park’ (literally just the word). Everything with a tree icon and/or especially dark green color will 100% guaranteed have green supply drops. I also found them where there are literally no parks nearby so sometimes you have to be lucky. :slight_smile:


Hey, thx for the fast response. Ill give it a shot I an few parks and see what happens. Will post updates


thanks guys. :smiley:


Okay so second day still lame but I’m waiting patiently LOL :joy: I have most these Dino’s I do t even upgrade them they are just extra baggage but yes there are 1 great day and one okay day coming . I’m sure they will learn from every event I was a bit hard on them but really you have to to get the dice rolling. I’m mostly upset over the monthly fee and there’s nothing really with it?? Anyone else seeing this? Love the game but they def need to be listening to some of the hardcore players on here for real tho lol :joy: