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Today’s unique announcement may be the nail in the coffin


Don’t get me wrong- I love this game. But I’ve been fighting through the bugs and the user interface flaws for a while now. Seeing these new uniques being literally unobtainable for anyone gives me no hope that there will be something to look forward to, what about all the other epics we have no hybrids for yet? What about all the bugs in the game currently? I really didn’t need a unique bleeder, evasive, immunity creature.

Edit: typos - had an epic scent going whilst I posted this.


I concur


Game time from 5+ hours a day to barely 1 hour.
1.6 might be the nail for me as well.
Still hoping for bug fixes, and global spawn balancing


im tired of seeing posts from ppl that have their finger on the quit button. if you were going to do it you wouldve already. why come to a forum to update us lol. its a hard game for a pessimist. stop it niantic lol


Because we still play the game? I’ve invested a lot of time into this game, It’s just my play time has dropped off and I want the developers to know that I’m unhappy with their poor decision making. Simple as that. People are allowed to voice their disappointment.


Remember that when the player base is gone. Pessimist or not, most of us are trying to hang in there to make the game better. Don’t post here to put people down, these posts are for Ludia to wake up to what players want


in your turmoil, i persist. sure there are certain issues that cant be avoided untill the game fixes them but why bundle all that into one to make a point?

for certain, if a game is unplayable, i would not waste time on it. this game is very playable to me and others. and i dont worry about the issues that some do. the whole im leaving if something isnt done concept doesnt help anything.

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I 100% agree, im happy with the stygimoloch g2 and darwezopteryx hybrid, because it gives a utility to 3 useless creatures, but i don’t get why they used darwinopterus for a third hybrid in the same update, i hoped for a dimodactylus and ramphorynchus (new flyer that was datamined) hybrid, to give an utility to dimo that is currently useless after lockdown.
Without counting that this new hybrid will almost certainly be op, another gross miscalculation by ludia.


Because believe it or not. A lot of players have already quit without making these posts. The ones that do, are holding on to some hope to Ludia will be fixing what has been plaguing this game since start


Before complaining you should see if Ludia changes the spawns for Darwin, maybe does a bunch of events, maybe they swap out alanqa for Darwin on the daily rewards?


i have not left.

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We aren’t leaving because of ‘X’ reason, it’s a number of reasons adding up over time. It’s the lack of support or awareness on Ludia’s end over a period of time. What I don’t understand is why you don’t see this as constructive critism? I haven’t stated I’m deleting the app literally at this moment, I’m just getting to a point where there’s been no quality updates since 1.4


They likely will - but I’m not really a fan of being force fed rare creatures, I’d rather they stay rare so we have to work for them. That being said - we’ve been handed so many other uniques we might as well get this one too.


i had a big speach but ill just say lol.

focus on the donut and not the hole lol.


I’m not even gonna try to pursue them after I’ve been trying to create my second unique for months now and I’m still on 120/250… this game has been a disapointment after disapointment and it saddens me, cause there is so much potential in this game… if only creating creatures didn’t take forever…

Like when will they finally realize that people are tired of hunting the same creatures for months with no results?? They introduce new even harder to obtain uniques instead of giving us something to create from dinos we have ****load of (alankylosaurus, dimodactylus)… I hate to admit that I’m losing my patience with this game and I would hate to see it go away from my life, but I’m simply just tired of these disapointments…

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Sorry Pat, all I could think of

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I REALLY DON’T understand this company.

They want to send us a teaser, a great chance to inspire and motivate players.


To EVOLVE IN THE ARENA you will need to LEVEL UP specific DINOS! Not to split same DNA between different DINOS! We need more variation of dinos in arena, but if they can’t perform in same class of our other dinos, we won’t use them!


Why are they not giving us Legendaries from older rares such as Majundasuchus or Ankylocodon or older epics like Sarcorixis or Secodontosaurus?


Damn, I just realised why they are not. So many would have an excess of te DNA for those that they would not make an money from the hunting and fusing of them.


Problem is, I thought that about Indoraptor, then the other uniques - it takes time, weeks, months, maybe even years. There are still 3 uniques I don’t have - nor or likely to soon.

What I hate more is when a new creature is introduced - especially a Legendary or a Unique - and within hours of the update dropping you encounter one in battle. It SHOULD take a significant amount of time to unlock a new creature. Instant gratification is not fun.

IMHO of course and not specifically levelled at the OP; just using your quote.