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Today Was A Good Day?


No, I won’t rap like Ice Cube but it seems I’ll can expect to say it this evening

Since I woke up and gone to work (at 20 kms from home), I had 8 Epics on my road…

  • 2 Anky

  • 1 Grypho

  • 1 koola

  • 1 Ourano

  • 1 Mono

  • 1 Raja

  • 1 Spino

Is Ludia became crazy ? Am I very lucky ? Is there a bug in the matrix ? Obviously I don’t care, I’m just hoping it continue and this evening I’ll say « Today was a good day »


Last week, I dropped an Epic scent and got 2 Anky, 4 Spino, 1 Ourano, 1 Darwin, and more that I can’t remember. May the RNG gods ever favor you my friend.


Cool Beans. I gave all my luck to my little brother today with Paramoloch fuses, he got a 30, 20, 20, 20, 20 on it and unlocked it (he had 103 DNA before this event). I fused on Monostegotops and got 10, 10, 10 ect. But, I’m glad you had a good day. :slight_smile:

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I need 60 DNA to create Erlidominus

I think I can hope I’ll have it in my next fuse with daily reward :grimacing:


I hope you can get it in the next fuse.
I was 60 DNA away from unlocking the green chicken, but got three 10s. Still 30 to go, but no more Ourano.

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Yeah my Epic spawns shot up too,
This was last week;
I think I saw ourano, Trex, and Sino
Another ourano… and a kentro
I cannot remember… so probably nothing…
Another ourano!
a Trex again…
Nothing because we’re dealing with Ludia.