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Today's epic incubator £47.99


So today it is 304 epic dna for nodopatasauras. However, correct me if I am wrong but for the t rex a few weeks ago it was minimum 500 dna cause i purchased it…

Please can we keep the comments cival… We are all grown adults here and know how to spend or waste our money responsibly… Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Trex incubators were $50 each. This one is just half of Trex DNA.


T-rex incubator is a special case.

It cost 50 USD, and you could only bought it by real money, not cash given by tapjoy quests.


Yes sorry guys I am in the UK and ours is in pounds… Hmmmm what to do…?? :sweat_smile:


More simply describe:

T-rex showcase is especially expensive than all other epic showcases, and only allowed to buy with real money.
And if you noticed, those 500 T-rex DNA is an exclusive offer. It actually gave you a full set of epic showcase things, and additional 500 DNA for rexy.


Dude… you don’t even need it, you’re spoofing anyways.


300 Nodopato DNA … are kinda 60 Stegodeus DNA :rofl:

Not really worth it, they are too easy to get.