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Today's event made me remember something

Today’s event made me remember the fond feeling of going out, and actually finding new dinos to unlock. I remember going out specifically to hunt and unlock new dinos in the early days to game, and stockpile their DNA for their hybrids. I sure do miss that feeling. That sense of wonder from exploring a world of new dinosaurs and the rush of excitement from finally getting to unlock it and look at it’s model and use it in battle was unmatched. I’m in the endgame, so I can never hope to replicate that feeling the same way again, but I sure do hope Ludia introduces tons of more dinos in 1.9 or future updates.


They need to release more actual dinosaur’s or even more Cenozoics, anything that’s not a hybrid. We always get hybrids but very few actual creatures to hunt for and keep our attention.


Asking for more non hybrids can put us in a bad situation though… every new normal spawn dilutes the spawn pools further making it increasingly harder to dart what you actually want and could leave us in a situation where every zone plays out like parks did prior to daily dinos… ie so many potential spawns mean getting what you want even with scents is very difficult.

That said 1.5 was to me the same impact to the ar portion of the game… what 1.7 was to the arena… never knowing what is up the road always had a feeling of excitement to me… these days i know its the daily migration common of the day and majungas…

They could do a lot for the ar portion of the game with a real migration… heck move everything… and get rid of the stupid spawn rates of commons at they are way to high right now.


The sad part is there is so many negative people that hinder this.

First all of the I hate non-dino types, most of which aren’t smart enough to realize that things like Purrusaurus were not dinosaurs or alive in that period.

Then if you look at the Facebook group you’ll see many people who only care about one single unique. If an event doesn’t feature materials for it they’ll let the whole world know that a week is junk and they won’t be playing.

I actually cranked up the volume on my phone so I could hear the “New Creature Discovered” sound again.

As for the constant spawns mentioned elsewhere… We’ll get another migration. I think each, rightfully so, such take a half a year. The game shouldn’t migrate so fast as to hurt fanatics such as non-hybrid users or bird lovers.

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I went to one of my usual parks today (in Zone 4–I live in Zone 3). I primarily go there because of Gryposuchus. So I launched one of my rare scents and got Nasutoceratops. I was so excited seeing it on my map that I took a screenshot of it (I love to take screenshots of new creatures and goals reached). Literally moments after that happened, Allosaurus G2 shows up on my map!

I do admit there was something nice about being able to find new creatures and not having to worry about if I have enough fusing DNA. I do love my hybrids, but I love my non hybrids even more. That’s what ultimately attracted me to this game in the first place. :blush:

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Agreed. We need a lot more prehistoric animals and less new hybrids. Hybrids are a part of the game but it’s one that overly dominates, especially in the Arena.

I think, myself included, that it’s more prehistoric animals that we want. Not just the dinosaurs. Plus you have to remember that not everyone who plays JWA maybe as knowledgeable on the subject as some of us. :grinning:


I like the real dinosaurs. However, if you ask for strength, it will be just a hybrid. Therefore, I would like the first generation and second generation hybrids to make the third generation as a new rarity and strong enough to be useful in actual battles. I am not good at English, so I converted Japanese into English using Google Translate.

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Less hybrids, more dinos


Have they ever increased the amount of dna received in a epic incubator? I don’t think so and agree 100% that unlocking new creatures peeks everyone’s interest, but 100 dinos vs 200 dinos sure decreases the chance of getting useful dna. Hope that didn’t sound negative as I didn’t mean it that way.


I have also really enjoyed hunting for these Dino’s. We need more non hybrid dinos

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Agreed. My girlfriend and I were just saying that the other day. How cool it was to see “new creature discovered” I’d like new Dino’s not so much the mammals.

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This was my point as well… even something small as adding two global epics in 1.9 would either have to be extremely rare or they would significantly make other globals like trex and spino gen 2 much harder to get which would make they game increasingly harder for newer plays especially lower rex rates.

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True words.

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Exactly. I always try to point out that just because a dinosaur isn’t worth it to you doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it to another player.