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Today's New PvP Problems

Today it took me 9 PvP battles to make 10 kills. That may not sound bad, but along the way this happened…

  • Miragaia is stunned by a faster Einiasuchus for “1 turn” so it neither hits back nor attacks (1 turn), then is hit again with a non-stunning blow but remains stunned (2 turns), then is hit a 3rd time and killed.
  • The timer to choose my next move counts down to zero and stays there for 33-34 seconds before choices for next move pop up from the bottom of the screen; I choose “Cloak” for my I-Rex, so it immediately performs “Armor Piercing Strike.”
  • Timer to choose move counts down to zero, choices for next move never appear onscreen, my turn is skipped and my Miragaia is killed by my slower opponent.
  • I’m having trouble with an opponent’s I-Rex but its HP is down low enough for me to swap in my Dracorex… which only hits my UNcloaked opponent it with 1x damage, thus basically committing self destruction.
  • I choose “battle AI” and am gifted with a set of creatures all level 20 or 21… pitted against an AI with all immune hybrids ranging from level 23 to level 25.
  • I lose my last PvP battle (finally earned that incubator) and sit looking at my dead dino lying at the feet of the stomping victor for over 45 seconds, get fed up & turn off my phone, turn it back on after slowly counting to 10 and get to watch the same scene for several seconds more before the system decides that yeah, the match is over…

Come ON, Ludia… this game is becoming less fun with each new release… Fix the bugs and fix that ridiculous “matching” algorithm already!


Wait, what Dracorex are we talking about here? The rare type only deals 1x damage regardless of cloak or dodge, armor piercing and shield shattering. The G2 one deals 2x but cannot bypass cloak/shields/dodge