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Today's stat boost tower?

After a short delay the tower spawned.

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I think so. Can’t see it, but you know, it’s kind of good that they scrapped it

Think so, as well as they removed the boosts from the store and from the daily battle incubator. best thing they could have done.


Yes they have but could of replaced it with another tower


If they have then they have 2 lessons to learn…

  1. Communication
  2. Swap it with something else.

Either of those actions would have been fine.


I got my boosts from the daily incubator but I opened it before 3 don’t know if that means anything

That means nothing in relation to this.

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Daily hasn’t stopped working.

Blackbeard said they were removed from dailys I said they weren’t for me but thanks for the input

Hummm ? I got boosts in daily battle incubators one hour ago

I mean the game is completely broken so at this point it doesn’t matter much :pensive::pensive::pensive:

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hm, just opened mine a few minutes ago, and got no boosts… anyway i don’t care. In current state boosts are screwed as hell…but this is another topic and doesn’t belong here :wink:

I opened about 1 hour got boosts.

It does matter. Different things to different players causes problems.


It’s not so much about the boost tower not being present, it’s about communication.

They always say on their tweets: Note: If changes occur, we’ll be sure to mention it here." Yet again a fail.


@GPx yup, agreed… one more aspect of their game/service that is broken :pensive:

Got boosts from battle incubator about 15 minutes ago…

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Or, again, they just forgot to switch it on :slight_smile: Or a bug or something. Don’t jump to the lack of communication conclusion! Bugs are just as common!

Oh yes bugs are way common in this game. But the strike towers appearing happens every day usually without fail. Why would this be any different? With all the issues and complaining about boosts it wouldn’t surprise me if they removed it. I’d put that above it being a bug any day.

Because it’s a new type of strike tower. New things tend to break.

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The boost exploit was the tower for today. Only available for a limited time. /s

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