Today's world


Does anyone look at little lizards crossing the sidewalk differently?? Or is it just me???


LOL! I looked at some type of lizard the other day and thought “humm looks like a diphocalus” (how every you spell the little green lizard thing in JWA) :joy:


Whenever a little lizard runs across our patio my 2 year old yells “dinosaur! Dinosaur!!!” :laughing:


Not so much lizards, but I do like to shame the pigeons. “You evolved from a mighty beast, but look at you now. Begging for breadcrumbs.”


I do the same thing with the birds at my feeder when I go out to put more seed in or I make any sudden moves and they all scatter.


To the pigeon:

  • Your great-grandfather was a T-Rex!! Look at yourself now, you are disgrace to your family!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


To the pigeon: Our Grandfathers “like with dinosaurs” may have also been like T-Rexs, but lots of humans nowadays are like Pigeons/Snowflakes


Our grandfathers were more like rats than T-Rex, but hey, we are talking to the pigeons, what do we know? :rofl::rofl:


Speak for yourself! :joy: my grandfather was a squirrel!!


Cat vs dinosaur


Buy a drone, fix it so it can shoot darts, get darts and show your cat how it’s done :rofl::rofl:


Sorry I really wouldn’t want to make it any bigger