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TOM...At least it is free

THANKS for making it free!
THANKS for not hurting score when you lose.

I am 1 and 9. This is the lowest pvp score I fought against. On the plus side I got lucky and.beat someone with score of almost 3k.
He kept missing and I kept resisting!
I figure if I keep trying only us lower levels will be left to fight each other! :thinking:

Unfortunately, once you progress a little further you will discover the event is not free.

I think I am stuck anyway.

2 and 18!!!

But I did beat two yes way above me in level and score!! :smile::smile:

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To finish it it is not free, well unless you are near impossibly lucky, but the first 10 fights are and for those you get a 3 hr chest and 8hr chest and 1000 gold.

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