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ToM glitch

Just finished the second stage of the Test of Might, and upon scrolling down to start playing in the third and final stage, I see this.

I haven’t fought once on the final stage, and I have no chances and I have to pay gems to start fighting on that stage. AND there are no mid-way prize incentives?

Worst. ToM. Ever.

I’m sorry that happened, MisterCinephile. Please reach out to our support team here at with your support key and our team would be happy to try and help you out.

It has been happening to a lot of people. I started stage 2 with 1 X and others have reported 1 or 2 X’s. I’m not spending gems on a broken event.

@Ned, Please pass my thoughts onto the developers.

This minor bug serves as a prime example of the many small incidents which continue to aggravate players. I would suggest the developer quickly respond and provide a small gift to all players. I would suggest 40 gems would be suitable compensation for the related losses. as long as the response is not delayed.

This gift would not negatively affect the bottom the line and could provide savings as support would not be pestered with related tickets. Additionally, in the spirit of cooperation, this token gift would go a long way to satisfy aggrieved players. It makes no sense to allow such minor issues to become a festering issue.

Did when it happened a few day’s ago. Just waiting on a response.

@MisterCinephile, I have some bad news. Unsurprisingly, support denied another similar case despite the claimant providing supporting photos.

This has become another demonstration of Ludia failing itself and its player base. My further thoughts include:

  1. PR Failure - Ludia has wasted a golden opportunity for good community relations.

  2. Support Failure - Instead of compensating players for costs related to Ludian bugs, support has decided to instead deny the bug exist. (The reminds me of Ludia’s long standing denial of the Connectivity Issues)

  3. Fiscal Abuse of Players - (AKA ‘theft’) Ludia is unwilling to replace resources which have been liberated from players via this bug.

Instead of resolving and issue, Ludia has chosen to frustrate players who only expect a sense fairness and accountability from the developer.

They haven’t denied my case yet.