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ToM progress erased

Since apparently I can’t post on an old but extremely relevant topic:

I just had all of my progress on Jarlaxle’s ToM erased and my victory count reduced from 60+ to 0.

Has this happened to anyone else recently?

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Happened to me as well

YES - on final stage going for Legendary I was 9 wins in (so 69 wins total in the quest), and I was reset to zero. I sent report but no action so far. At least I have Jarlaxle. Thanks for posting. I probably should have. Was several hours effort.

Hello Adventurers, I am sorry this happened to you, if you have not already can you contact and they can investigate on your behalf.

It happened to me too but I noticed the second time around that tier 3 was a legendary as well as tier 4 so I just bit the bullet and played through it getting two legendaries instead of one


I noticed that, too, and I’m back up to 50 wins.

Still, it’s a bit of a slog.

Yesterday I got a red battle chest - 24 hours to open - contained a Jarlaxle legendary. Perhaps this was admin compensating me for the glitch

Happened to me yesterday on the final battle to get Jarlaxles legendary item…I won, by the skin of my teeth then got stuck in the arena for ten minutes.

When I was finally able to log back in it it had reset and I didnt receive my item.

Still waiting on a reply from support.

I was on the 4th stage of the jarlaxle event and I have had my progress reset to 0. Can this please be restored? There is not enough time left for me to grind my way back there again

Can this please be addressed before the event finishes? I dont have time to grind another 60 matches before it ends. If you can spare the time to merge my thread with this one you can at least respond

You lost my subscription last night because of this. I didn’t spend 12 hours of my life, fight over 80 battles and spend 4.99 on gems just to get cheated out of a Legendary item for a character I was very much looking forward to playing.

Has been over 48 hours now and still no reply from support.

This experience has soured my enjoyment of the game and if it takes much longer for a reply and a satisfactory resolution to this issue I will uninstall the app and spend my time and money elsewhere.

This fiasco is another reason I insist it is not worthwhile to compete in these sham events. Instead I recommend spending the time farming challenges.

Estimates indicate this event will take approx. 10 - 12 hours to complete. If/when you complete the event you earn a Jarlaxle, a legendary item (almost always an unwanted one), and a sparse collection of gold and lesser items.

Farming challenges for 10-12 hours will earn thousands of gems for moderate to advanced players, many items and plenty of gold. Specific and useful legendary items can easily be purchased with the resources harvested.

Avoiding this specific event will also not burden players with a Jarlaxle. Jarlaxle is generally an unfavorable hero, and once acquired Jarlaxle cannot be removed. After earning Jarlaxle he will collect an equal share of item drops. This will hamper improvement of favorable heores.

When/if a challenge crashes, a player can simply reboot the app and continue the challenge. No resources are wasted. On the other hand, when server connectivity issues arise during events, the player looses the battle (and the related resources spent to play). Also the player may need to restart the event if the player’s event data is lost. This equates to hundreds of dollars worth of time gems wasted for these players.

Support has indicated players should anticipate a 1-week turn around on tickets. This delay is often magnified as the initial response is often a request for more information from the player, adding another week waiting for a further reply. This appears to be an attempt to get players to drop support claims. As such, event support tickets often result in weeks of toxic turmoil. It is much easier to avoid these events and the related contacts with support.

Unless a player is among the few who really support this haphazard PvP system, these rigged events are likely 10-12 hours of aggravation.

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Even if I had the time or the inclination to do this all over again I would not be able to due to the server issues. I have lost 3 in a row to disconnects.

Me too, the event will end in 12 hr. I got jarlaxle last night and when i woke up to play tier4 for legendary item it reset. Can you fix this in time

Hello all,
For those who were affected by having your Jarlaxle’s Grand Entrance event reset, Can you please check your in-game mail. There is no need to contact support for this issue, all players whose progress was reset have been identified.
Thank You


@Keith I understand that your passing information, but a single legendary doesn’t assuage what has happened. Yes, the legendary was the goal of the 4th tier, but what of the other rewards in that tier, or the gems spent to continue with in that tier? I don’t think that gifting the final item is going to placate what has happened here. I know it doesn’t for me.

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I agree. I didn’t participate because I already have him, but all those hours fighting and gems spent going Poof… would piss me off a bit to. Seems like at least a decent card pack/gem reward ( reimbursement ) is in order along with the legendary.


Honestly I was expecting ludia to give this a stiff ignoring like all the other glaring issues with the game. So I think getting a free legendary pack is a good result

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Although I did not participate in the event, a free legendary for impacted players is a vast improvement over the usual compensation denials. Such swift and reasonable compensation is a benefit as it satisfies most consumers and alleviates unnecessary work for support staff. Additionally, it decreases the aggravation for all. Hopefully such reasonable compensation will become the norm.

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Game glitched again. This is the second time Ive completed Silverhand trials with no reward.