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Tommus' AC problem

Hi there again. So, I was playing raids till I get one-shotted by the boss with Tommus. I found out that fishy and went to another run. It seems something is breaking the AC buff that Tommus gives to the party. My best bet it that the bonus is being apllied multiplicatively instead of additive. This is the max ac number I reached before I hit another proc and my ac went to 0:

After the proc:

I used Calliope’s block once. The entire party is getting insane amounts of AC per proc.

One thing I noticed is the boss ac progression is ok, and ac only has a certain reduction attached to it ( I was getting hit for ~20% of Tommus’ hp regardless is those insane numbers.

My English is rusty, so please ignore any grammatical errors.


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This issue with the AC accumulating to a certain point before ‘ascneding’ to zero was previously identified in another thread. I agree it is a bug, but unfortunately a few month have passed without a fix. Fortunately it rarely occurs and usually only when players attempt to make it happen.

it is a known bug that is on a lengthy list that they will eventually get to a few months down the road, maybe. in the meantime if you are using tommus and a counter attack build you just gotta every so often stay out of range to attack to drop the stacks a few.

I always thought the bonus offered was given based on the item that gives the proc. F/E, if the Tommus’ pants has 100 ac and has a chance of getting 25% extra ac, you would get 25 AC per proc. Wasnt what the way devs intended for it to work? Other thing I noticed is that block doubles your current ac - wouldn’t be better for it to be calculated based on dmg taken after AC was taken into consideration?

I never knew about that before, yet I made that happen… The problem is easy to replicate when doing long runs, it’s not like people with Tommus at party wouldn’t use counter attack and eventually a block for that bigger landing damage.

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you are asking for a basic understanding of game mechanics from devs who do not play their own game. Not only do they not understand basic mechanics they seem to make no effort to try to understand or fix them. Imo this seems like a dead game to me that they have like 1 person working on just to fix emergency things. There are so many bugs and glaring problems that do not get fixed nor even addressed its crazy. I can think of no other explanation on why there are so many issues. One thing they do have a solid handle on is moderation. They certainly delete threads, censor threads, and suspend and ban people they see giving the game a bad name. They seem to hope that two new people start playing the game for every one that quits out of frustration.


I see most people aren’t happy with the company, but hey, let’s give em a chance to come here and give us a position about the issue now that there are more than one topic about it (thanks for the info, Orloch, btw) and I’m pointing exactly what’s wrong imho. Worth the try for me. By the moment isn’t worth anymore, they won’t see me or my money anymore.

They have had a chance. DC issues have been happening for months. So have other bugs. The had a patch awhile ago and fixed a couple very minor bugs that had no real substance and that’s it. Since then more bugs have accumulated with no response other than just send a ticket to support. You can give them them a chance but the fact is they have had one for a long long time now. If they just communicated with everyone every once in awhile people wouldn’t be so mad. But the are silent. And then silence people pointing out and getting frustrated with their inaction


This has happened to me several times this raidevent. Very annoying, costing me keys.

Thank you for sharing this, Wolvierine. That does seem unusual and I’m sorry to hear about it. The team has been notified about this and they are working to fix this issue. Thank you for your patience!

There is a long list of bugs to be fixed.

This image represents why this issue should be fixed yesterday. There are lots os people who are abusing this mechanic, intending or unintending to do it. “Ah, counter this with that yadda yadda” - cleansing skills are very rare in this game, while block and ac gains aren’t.