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Tommus epic weapon defense proc

I’d like if anyone else could confirm this.

right now when I do lightfinger boss

I have tommus epic weapon that proc a defense buff. And the epic helm that gives counter attack.

When tommus attack with a counter attack on any creature I can get the buff from the epic weapon. Also work in PvP. However when it against the boss i have yet to get a single proc of his weapon on a counter attack. That for 10+ run and the proc chance is 75%.

So if anyone can test it too and confirm that counterattack with the epic helm on that boss doesn’t generate proc chance for the epic weapon.

I can confirm that i have never gotten the AC proc from CA on this boss.

Hello, i notice when u equip legendary tommus backpack who gives him provoke and counterattack and receive any kind of disarm u cant use his skill anymore.
Disarm should disable any kind of damage skills, but didnt know why tommus cant use this non-dmg skill. This happen in both PVP and PVE.

I reported a bug about the taunt and disarm but only happen with the rare axe if I’m right

Hey Krom, we’ve had reports of a similar situation before, and our team is looking into this.

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