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Tommus' (Fighter) Legendary Weapon

Have any of you received Tommus’ legendary weapon - Dragon Brace and Fang? I’ve definitely had it used against me and it can be pretty brutal. But I have gotten multiple copies of all of the other legendary items yet haven’t received a single piece of that equipment. Just curious if that is a really random fluke or if there is a bug that prevents players from actually getting the weapon.

I have it and have been hit with it a ton of times in pvp as well. Not always by bots either

Thanks for letting me know. I love the damage and AC boost of the epic so it’s not a big deal but there are definitely times where he it seems like he hits my whole team twice a turn thanks to counter-attack until they’re all dead which can be really annoying.

Np… the worst is when fighting bots because the seem to always have the max gear for their level so that sword does hurt

I don’t like it and I like when my opponent used it and the dragonborn with his legendary with counterattack on get hit :joy::joy::joy:

Ha I didn’t think of that. Could be a pretty interesting back and forth. Although sadly Tommus is often out front and not in the same row as everyone else.

That why I try to move middle row ASAP with a character so I force the melee to stay on the same line as ranged

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It appears each character has a legendary or two that are a bit rarer to get than the others

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the main complaint I have against that weapon us the description clearly says attacks one zone but if characters are in the 2nd row it still hits all of them…its op as hell for a fighter class.

Old thread revived, necro-posting.