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Tommus Overpowered

I would like to suggest to either nerf Tommus or make Raika better. Tommus is the only viable tank in PvP, Raika is terrible. Tommus is really too Overpowered.

Basically we’re forced to use Tommus

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Agree Tommus is too overpowered. Legendary weapon is basically a ranged weapon. Can taunt which also casts regen, also cast retaliate, and have an extra regen cast on him so he gets two attacks and double regen each turn. He also apparently has an item which gives the whole team stackable AC bonuses each turn.

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Isn’t the AC buff the Epic weapon? that means you can either use the legendary OR the AC buff one.

Also noticed that, Tommus is strictly better, has less HP but more AC. Raika has items that regen HP no mater what she does, though (start of turn/move/attack) and her egendary weapon is AOE and pretty crippling.

Just fought yet another Tommus that tanked my whole team with double regen (plus from Bard) plus counter attack killing my melee guys. He basically gained more health than my team could damage. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Raika has more hp but he’s weak, life steal is pathetic and doesnt do much to keep him alive. He can do a little more damage perhaps but his primary function is TANK and he CAN’T TANK. Whats the point of Fury if he gets killed in 2-3 turns anyway? Tommus with counterattack out damages him PLUS tanks a whole lot better.

Thanks for the feedback, Matt_W! Tommus is a tricky one to deal with. :sweat_smile: I usually try to throw Dominate on him or take him down in PVP, asap.

I agree that Tommus is way overpowered in comparison to Raika. I used to hate Raika every time I got him in my comp. Now I hate Calliope but I just got her dominate. Honestly the only good thing Raika is good for, is a mini meat shield and to use his pull ability. That’s all. Unless you have his “hit all enemies same zone” ability maxed, to make sure if fires… meh.

Wizard is your counter to Tommus. Must have kill ability though.

Honestly, with the right gear Raika can pull her weight, though not as well as Tommus. Her legendary helmet gives her taunt and counterattack, and depending on her weapon she can either be a sort-of decent tank (epic weapon) or a pretty good non-squishy damage-dealer (legendary weapon especially). The death ward accessory is really good too, when it triggers. But… Tommus is such an overpowered tank that Raika can’t compare. Maybe if she had more AC… But when I’m fighting in the Heartcoil Deep challenge and Tommus goes down, I’ve learned I may as well retire, even if I have Raika still standing.

No idea. I just noticed once everyone on the other team had like 7 AC buffs, and I wondered why. After watching it had something to do with Tommen,

I like em both but I favor Tommus for his 4-round Taunt. That just keeps the heat off the rest of the party longer.

I play them differently. Tommus’ gear means you play him to ensure he gets more moves per turn than anyone else. He doesn’t do massive damage per hit, but between Taunt+Counterattack and the multi-attack Legendary weapon, he can hit 6-7 targets before his actual turn. I used to hate him but now he’s a regular in my Explore lineup. His strategy is to hit everyone else faster and more often than they can hit him.

Raika’s strategy is to hit things really hard until they die. She’s got more ways to heal herself than Tommus between her lifedraIn epic and her heal-on-move epic pants, and the gauntlets that add block means she takes less damage. She has way more hit points than anyone else in my lineup. I’ve won PvP matches where she’s the last one standing — she just keeps lifedraining enemies faster than they can hurt her. It’s the slightly less creepy variation on Halbenet’s Death Ward trick.

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Yep fought yet another WAY OP Tommus in Pvp

Let me know what brilliant strategy you guys have to deal with him.

Someone suggested killing him first? That’s laughable. Great idea while the rest of their mages decimate your team, and Tommus happily heals and gives more and more AC to his team

How about kill the softest targets first leaving Tommus for last? What usually happens is you manage to kill one and then Tommus uses his 4 Round Taunt. Ggxx to the rest of the fight. All you can do is tickle him for the rest of the fight while the enemy heals up and decimates you.

Essentially we are being forced to use Tommus. Those who didn’t pick that scumbag to start with are at a disadvantage

Not sure what Devs are trying to achieve but making one unit overpowered over another tank class is not very funny.

Devs please do something about that hero

I don’t agree with people over here about Tommus being overpowered, but I think you could suggest Devs they should not think about specific “counter heroes” for each hero when creating a character with this PvP model that we have now or the PvP will keep being question of luck only, instead of strategy.
For example, we have many opponents that can only be countered by “dominate” AND our bard needs to start BEFORE the opponent. So we have 3 times we need entire luck to win:
1st = you need to win the initiative dice.
2nd = you need to have the bard in your random team (since you can’t choose your PvP team).
3rd = despite you won or not the initiative your bard still have to start before opponents “provocative heroes” for you to be able to target the hero you want + the opponent still have the chance to resist the domination.

Two suggestions: PvP have initiative decided by dice normally, but the player should be able to choose which hero will act in each turn, just like the classic tactical games.
Second: balance heroes according to the new PvP system, specially the Archer, people usually like the archer that’s why they are not complaining about it, BUT the archer is the truly overpowered hero of the game: Naomlen was supposed to be the highest damage on the game since it’s a melee + single target damager in the game, but I have faced heroes at the same level and equipments of heroes I own and the targets resisted for many times to my rogue’s attack (lvl 2 legend weapon + legend helm) and remember she is SINGLE target. But with TOMMUS (the so called overpowered knight) in my team I have faced a defeat against players at the same level I am, apparently equipments in “more less” the same condition little differences I face those defeat with ONE AoE atk of the archer who killed my whole team (full life all! Including tommus) with ONE attack. And, by logic, AoE + Range characters was supposed to have LOWER damage than single melee characters, since they have 2 natural advantages (they attack from distance which make them attacking first and they attack many targets which make them able to drain more target’s life), but it looks like the developers of this game are also archer’s fans, because they totally ignored those facts by making archer an AoE hero with the highest damage of the game (when I say highest damage people will argue saying: oh rogue have higher attack (number in the status), I am not talking about attack value I’m talking about final damage calculations (including critical) archer deal critical damage easier+AoE+high natural damage+multiple attacks. He is a more effective Naomlen which can kill from distance, but he REALLY kills the target different from Naomlen which has many conditions to be “really” effective. But the condition of the archer is only one (being able to attack, if he attacks = end of game).

But of course all heroes should suffer a balance review/update, to make the PvP more competitive and enjoyable, strategical, not just the archer but all heroes, heals should heal less, attacks should deal less damage, reduce some heroes abilities to adjust them to the combat, etc. TOMMUS defense would have to be balanced as well if you balance the game power, but as I’ve said, I think his problem now isn’t the defense itself (you have many characters with debuff AC abilities), but the problem is the amount of heal everyone receives, a Hero is almost dying then one heal gives it full life (or almost full life) again. If the heal heal less, it won’t remove its effectiveness, it would still be crucial, but players would have to use it more wisely, strategically, instead of just throwing it whenever the tanker is dying to full life it again.

Those are my opinions according to this topic.
I hope I could have helped somehow.

I don’t think tommus is op. But then again I don’t have any legendary items equipped. I do have all epic items. Do most people have all legendary equipment on their characters? That would be the only way to compare.

Correct, Ranger is really strong but unlike Tommus it can be killed in a single hit (or 2) if targeted well. That makes it not Op.
You know what’s Op? Tommus tanking while the Ranger decimates the whole team from far. Yep that’s Op. Problem is you can’t brush him aside like Raika and break through the defence.

Comparing tank to tank is what I’m doing

Hey Deimos, thanks for those suggestions! They are very detailed. :+1:

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I haven’t seen it mentioned here, but rooting (locking down movement) is really crippling on Tommus. The warlock’s is especially bad because of the duration.

@Deimos if you search the forums, a lot of players have already brought up complaints vs Archer who can AOE kill the entire team with one hit. There also have been complaints about Cleric reviving forever and killing an entire team solo. This thread is specific to fighter/Tommus.

You are right though, there does need to be an overhaul/review of all heroes for PVP.

This is the only game I’ve experienced where we can’t pick our own PVP team and get stuck with a comp that you know 150% you lost or will win. Many games nerf and boost heroes all the time. I think when this game was being built, the devs didn’t really care much for PVP, and mostly for explore and challenges. Only now they are starting to revamp PVP, albeit slowly, but its it’s happening.

Here to help bro. I think the heal problem could be solved by making heal healing by percentage and that percentage should be according to the targets (which will be healed) max life. As it is now (healing according to healers damage) the heal becomes at some point overpowered (that’s the true nature of Tommus being considered overpowered for example, he already have high defense + receive high amount of heal like everyone else) but if every heal becomes based on targets max life, Raika will become more useful and tanker (like everyone here asked for) while Tommus would not heal huge amounts of life.

I’m at rank 108 in PvP right now and honestly when you are higher with about every legend item available (there some I will never use) tommus isn’t op at all. I think the issue is when you have less offensive gear available and it more a scaling problem.

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