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Tommus SH weapon and domination

SO there is a very unfortunate bug with Tommus Silverhand Axe. If you Have counterattack up through the haversack or using gauntlets and Tommus gets dominated, he Will attack his own line not only hitting himself for damage, but when he hits himself it will then cause counterattack to go off and he will hit his entire line again effectively wiping your group out in most instances since its 500% dmg on two attacks. I am pretty sure he should not be hitting himself on the dominate, NOR should hitting yourself then trigger a counterattack hitting yourself again.

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Hi Kingoffarts,
The team is aware and working on a fix, but when ready will require an update. As such please be patient.


thanks for the response and acknowledgement of the issue. Until its fixed my SH tommus weapon is shelved as for pvp I am getting myself killed more than the other team due to this bug.