Tommus's Silverhand Weapon

For all of you wondering whether it’s worth it to get the new Silverhand weapon… Here’s something to look at!

I haven’t actually used it yet, but looking at it, it seems very much like his legendary weapon, although the legendary is 75% proc at level 2, while this boosts damage when it’s triggered. It could definitely be devastating in the right situation, but I’m not sure whether I’d say it’s a step above his current gear or not…

During the event… The highest trophy count I faced (after a very high win rate):

and the lowest trophy count:

Also, I believe that event trophies don’t reset with each tier of the event, but I don’t know for certain anyways.

Good luck to all of you out there!

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I tried it out at ilvl1 and found it extremely underwhelming. I was just baffled by the low damage output. My sword and shield even not at max ilvl procs more and dishes out more.

Legendary items are generally considered the most powerful items in Forgotten Realms campaigns.
Adversely, Laeral Silverhand was an accomplished spellcaster known for talents at fine, but not Legendary items.

As each of the Silverhand items released to date have been inferior weapons, it may be safe to assume Ludia never intended them to be superior.

Silverhand Weapons might be more wisely viewed as Silverscam items. As there is no beneficial reason to amass an unsaleable collection of expensive but unfavorable weapons, it may be prudent to avoid these Silverhand Events altogether.

An addition impediment is the purchase cost of these items, The cost (50,000 gold) of Silverhand trash is 125% the cost of Legendary items.

I’m glad I avoided this scam.

Silverhand items go where Legendary items fear to tread. Legendary items go where Epic items fear to tread etc…

Newest items to the game, no thinking required :slight_smile:

So I tested it (after the worst TOM I ever played, facing opponents 400 trophies lower but with all legendary weapons and infinite life (tankers), losing 5 times in a row). And it is crap. The dame output is very low, when you proc it is not 175 for each enemy. It is 175% divided by number of enemies. So this is just a bad weapon. The epic is better. Very, very disappointed.


Indeed. The description of the weapon says it does 125% of the attack stat. But in reality it is closer to 40-50%. It is worse than the legendary or epic weapons available for Tommen.

@Ned Is this true? That would make this weapon JUNK, and a very deceptive TOM.

I got the weapon early, tested it extensively, and yes. It does something like 40-50% damage when it hits. It’s either bugged or the description is wrong. Right now it’s pure trash, on par with an unleveled common weapon. My lvl 4 rare axe does about 2x the damage before the armor proc.

Hey Mstar, it has been reported to our team and they’re looking into it addressing it.

Thank you, everyone, for reporting this to us!

It’s been a couple days. Any update? A lot of people have noticed the damage for this weapon is way off.

Hey Clancularius, we don’t have an eta on the issue yet, but please rest assured that our team is working on a fix for this. We’ll be sure to give everyone an update once we have more information.

In the meantime, we are stuck with an under performing weapon that we spent time and resources to acquire…

Did this ever get resolved?

Hey Clancularius, I believe the issue was resolved recently. Please let me know if you’re still noticing some discrepancies


The damage does till seem lackluster. A bit better, but not the amount shown in the description.

It definitely works in the challenges not entirely sure about the Arena. I did just obliterate my whole team counter attacking my dominated Wizard so at least in that scenario it works fine lol.

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Pretty much the story for all the SH weapons. Lots of hype. Hard to get. And other than looking pretty they are semi useless. Gave up after I got Hal’s to level 2 and it’s still just a glowing underperforming stick lol.
I’ve gotten to where I’m happy to see someone using one in PvP. I can usually write them off pretty quick.

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