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Tommy’s Counter Attack working as Intended while Dominated?

Wanted to ask if in PvP, While Tommas Is Dominated, and then hit by the squad that Dominated him…is he supposed to Counter Attack his Own Squad???
Have done this to Opposing Tommas’ multiple times now and wasn’t sure how it was happening until my last battle.

The most recent time the opposing Tomas was Dominated before he could use his Legendary Bag of Taunt w/Counter attack. While He was Dominated I attacked him and he must have had the Legendary Trinket that gives him A chance to Counter attack when hit Because he Counter attacked just didn’t direct it at me he Counter attacked his own squad with the legendary sword that gives melee attack plus x2 more melee attacks.
As entertaining as it is to attack him and watch as he counter attacks his own squad I have to imagine this a glitch and not intended???Unlike the other benefits of having an opposing hero dominated and giving the squad that dominated any “when attack” benefits or buffs I.e. plus AC or Halbenets Deathward.

Seems pretty easy to repeat the bug. Just have a Tomas equipped with the Counter attack when hit Accessory. Dominat him and then attack Him a few times to get the counter attack chance to Proc.
Until this gets fixed players may want to try Uninstalling and Reinstalling. One of my guild mates said it helped them with “The Tommas glitch“. Although I could be mistaken about which glitch they were talking about since the In game chat is lack luster, clunky, and not the greatest way to communicate. Or just take the Counter Attack when hit accessory off…

@Blazenkks, there is already an active thread on this topic. You will likely find an answer via the thread linked below.

Dominate + Counterattack

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Was pretty awesome when opponents Raika with Legendary Spear Taunted with Counter attack. I dominated the Tomas that had already Taunted w/counter attack. And when I hit the Tommas he counter attacked his 3 other squad causing Raika to counter attack with x3 spear attacks back at Tommas. Tomas’ attack killed their Saarvin AND their Shevareth and after all the counter attacks stopped. Shevarith‘a legendary accessory that deals damage upon death went off and finished off his Raika. Leaving him a Dominated Tommas with 1/4 health. TURN 1. Silliest sequence I’ve ever encountered in PvP…