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Tomorrow’s strike event


Leaked! Not mine but I’m sharing


I love that all the leaked SE are from a Russian dude.


I don’t know how they get it. Must be some type of data mine

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Gonna be a pleasure to beat up StygGen2… Unleash the frustration for all of its useless DNA given daily on incubators.


Bleed them to death!!!


Knowing the ai for this game there gonna impact and run everytime its off cooldown




Yep shielding strike>impact and run. Stygi g1 probably wont even use instant charge. Then g2 will shield>impact and run right back lol


Honestly some higher leveled chompers would probably work, a high Thora should take at least one down.


Even a fresh thor could potentially drop one of these guys with crits…which seems like an ideal start… then the other will drop easy.


They can impact and run. Bleeds not the best idea for runners

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FYI if you have Dracorex G2 and Velociraptor at L20 this will be the easiest tower ever. My Dracorex is L18 considering spending the coin :thinking:


I’m going in with tanks and when there’s only one left, I’ll bleed it to death.

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Stigy gen 2 should have more health.


Theyre the exact same health @Imre

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So with Raptors could go.
Blue first shield, strike, pounce. Tany then Velo or even Deinocheirus.

Prefer to hit first. Also Stygi has Instant Charge so shield is a must. Stegodeus is safest option probably.

EDIT1: With Shield first Blue lvl 16 should survive two hits (even impact and run second hit).


Monostego would work. You could slow and stun them and if they use their shielding strike you can nullify it


Stygi has Instant Charge and can stun Monostego before you Stun him. Usually epic dinos start first.


But I’ve never seen AI use instant abilities before so it might work


They use Cloak and Evasive, so can use instant abilities too.