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Tomorrow's April Fool's Events

Since tomorrow is the day when we get epic strikes, let’s hope we get a good amount of drops. Many of us, like me, are in lockdown, so we cannot go outside. So please, please Ludia, let the drop distribution be good


Same here. I always get garbage stuff near my house.

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I agree. Also, welcome to the Forums!

I honestly can’t wait, last year was amazing, even though I stood absolutely no chance against the goat trio lol, and I probably still won’t stand a chance. Wonder if there will be one single tiny dodo u face off against, or like last year, 1 small one, another bigger one, and then the 3rd largest one. I honestly am fine with either, and I wonder what the moves will be and what their names are, and what the names of the dodo(s) will be. Very exited for tomorrow, just hope drops are good

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Whatever it is I’m gonna lose. Lol and RIP

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Really excited about it! :grin:

I am excited because as most of you know it’s a dodo. Dodo scent and datamine stuff. There are also leaks that the mysterious Wednesday creature is a Unlockable dodo but we have to wait and see if we get one. And actually it could make sense that we get an Unlockable dodo with the boss. Remember lord lythornax gave you lythornax dna

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That Wednesday slot was removed when we had the update after the main update because it was a glitch

Yes but chances are good that it’s actually returning

I had all but one event drop be tenonto in my radius