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Tomorrow's Rarity Rumble

As we all know,Ludia has been coming up with a bunch of different kinds of battle events due to the anniversary of the game,so tomorrow,we have 2 rarity rumbles,formerly,when I would look at the event,it would state,2 Legendaries requirement along with mods,and there was in a red font,which meant that I could not participate,cause I do not have the requirements, I know this because I have experienced the same for the Fight for Fusion event . But now it does not say so,despite the fact that I only have 1 legendary,hence,he question arises,does it include Legendary Mods?

Do you prefer the regular rarity rumbles that have a rumble wheel and a rumble pack,or do you prefer the boosted one that rewards Golden Rewards Pack? I hope it is legendary mods,i need those 650 loyalty points,i am just 995 lp away from 10k.

I’ll take a pack over a prize wheel alomst any day. The Stakeholders’s Visit prize wheel is pretty good because the lowest prize of 700 Loyalty Points (×2 for VIP) is more or less equivalent to an Golden Rewards Pack with the chance for much better. Otherwise, give me a pack.

Edit: To your other point about requiring Legendary Mods, I’ve never seen a PVE or tournament restriction about using a certain class of Mod. They may require a certain number of Mods. Some Story Missions require a particular class, but that’s not we’re talking about here.


Well , I know,but how come it is now letting me even though I do not have 2 legendary dinos and only 1? It must be Mods Included!

Let me test it and confirm whether it works with Mods class when the event comes by tomorrow!