Tons of PVP Glitches on My Live Stream


It’s the one with the title about banning all the spoofers. I’m live right now but by the time Ludia sees this I probably won’t be. Anyway I had a ton of glitches. Watch the whole stream. Thanks.


I just opened a 30 Cash Incubator and it said 30 Cash on my screen and then it was opening a Large 80 cash incubator and it actually spent 80 of my cash when I didn’t tell it to do that. I never open those large ones I just wait the time on those. I expect to get a refund on this. I had non stop glitches all night but this one actually cost me money. This is not cool.


I was watching and I can confirm that Jonno was having glitches all night. He was even going into battle and getting losses because the game kept disconnecting him.