Too bad no option to fight AI manually

Just fought an AI 26 level Nodopatosaurus in the arena. Refreshing to face a different creature once in awhile. Be nice of Ludia to allow that in future patches.


An option to just face the AI would be nice but if we had that would would be the point of facing actual players?

I feel like after x losses (like about 4-5), there should be an option to just battle an AI


If you lose two or three (I think two but can’t remember right now) battles in a row you do get AI opponents automatically until you win a match.

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I thought that was only under 4500 trophies

I don’t think it makes any difference but I could be wrong.

Just saying, most players utilize the tiers to chose their dinos, so AI allows you to fight those poor, neglected dinos. Also builds your skill and creativity with moves/strategy as you’re not following same playbook

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I would love to have an AI-only option just to get my incubators and finish missions. Trying to fight other players whose teams massively outclass mine when I just need one more incubator or takedown is frustrating.


It doesn’t happen in the library, more is the pity. Constant player vs player battles, unless they can’t find an opponent within 30 seconds as usual.

I think that’s why there’s such a block at Aviary. Lots of people getting those pity battles, then getting trapped around that area.