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Too early for 8 stars alpha

isn’t it too much to take?

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With Bewilderbeast? Definitely. But I think Jay and his goonies have killed a bunch of these. 4k+ players should normally do 80-100k, 4.5k+ - ±100k, 5k+ 100k+, 5.5k - 120k+ per 6 energy, assuming no loading screens or other gamebreaking bugs happen.
So, you put together 25 of these average 4-5k players and 7star is possible. Put together 25 of 5.5k+ playes and 8star is possible. And, judging by Jay and Jake’s efforts, they aim to whale out even 9star Alphas with 6k+ people, and there’s always room to grow.
I’d speculate that the thing may top off with 10 star Alpha of 4-5mil. That’s up to 200k damage required per 6 energy, and with 25 6-7k+ people it shouldn’t be impossible.

So far it’s only the bugs that hold people back, not the numbers.


I would first FIX these bugs… Every time 5/6 attacks are wasted and all the clan pays.


Oh yes. Me and the rest of the proud Valhalla family take 8* down for some time now. For sure its tuff this early in the game, but their need to be something for the elite players.

So if you fell you guys have reach the top, hit me up. Then we might find a spot for you :slight_smile: You can ofcourse also do like @Wirxaw and just dream about us 24/7 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

/Farmer Jay - Still proud leader of Valhallas Finest


Nah, I see that you are putting in the effort as well. Thanks for sharing the load, you make this place worth visiting.

I’m proud to be a Goonie!! I want to be Mikey, but I’ll settle for any of them.


And here I was starting to wonder if your team’s ego could go any higher. Woah man, just woah. You don’t have to rub it in you’re supposedly elite every time there’s a post about clans. You might be in the top charts for wins but you’re also in them when it comes to narcissism and snobbery, and the second part isn’t something to be proud of. You can have your little “higher than the rest” club, but let others have theirs. And I might be a small community leader, but I don’t endeavor the idea of your clan. Quite the opposite. I don’t. Not everyone does. Not everyone has to.

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Top chart money spent XD i’m level 38 and just got a single 5 stars LOL

I’m just tired of Jay’s attitude. And probably too honest for my own good.

You have your own clan though, right? You wouldn’t be posting about 8* Alphas if you didn’t. Congrats by the way. You’re facing quite the challenge.

Thanks bro, appreciated

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More like sis, and you’re welcome. :slight_smile:

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You’re right about one thing. I owe a congratulation to @Kryoshoot for reaching the 8* Alpha. Its a big thing and shows that its a great clan. Thats my bad.

About how I talk about my own clan. It really didnt start like this. I did like all others and tried to get people in the clan. For some reason Wir always had a comment, with a little slap to us between the lines. After this forum just became hes little personal blog, I just use it for clan recruitment and to get a good laugh from hes reply. If you knew me, you would know that im so far away from the things you call me. If I was like that other then here, do you really think I could run a big community?

My clan recruitment threads is a bit over the top. But as long as they dont give us a leaderboard, I need something to get the attention from the little part of players I try to reach.


Listen Jay, I don’t tend to make accusations lightly. I’m not that kind of person. And I certainly took Wirxaw’s antipathy critically at first. At first. I watched your behavior in posts though, and you know what, I am too developing an allergy regarding you. It’s not just the recruitment; and to be fair, a recruitment sort of has to be a bit over the top, seeing how it’s an advertisement. But you posting so much how you’re elite, and how you’re “important”, how you’re the “good” clan, the “best” clan, how others must dream about joining you… It’s not my fault for thinking the worst of you right now. I had given you the benefit of the doubt before, but… I’ve seen you’re alike Snotlout when it comes to ego. And I really, really don’t like you for bringing the equivalent of social classes here. I don’t expect you, of course, to understand.

And in answer to your question… I don’t know, people tend to follow practically anyone who’s a celebrity. To serve their own sense of self-importance.

And you’re sort of a celebrity here. Only you’ve let it go to your head.

But please, if you believe I don’t know what I’m speaking about, then prove you are as innocent as you claim. For as far as I’ve seen, you’re quite the opposite.

You have only seen the side of me thats of this forum, so its not mutch to judge me on. I really dont need to get you to like me, I just feeled like I would explain the behavior you commented on. Like I said, the forum posts I make in here is just to have a laugh about in the clan, cause we think its very funny that Wirxaw have to namedrop us almost everytime he says something, always with some funny names like LOLhalla or Goonies. I do understand why you get to that conclusion about me. If I we’re in your shoes, I would probably think the same.

Not sure you’re right about the celebrity thing. Most people have no idea about me, but they really want to be in the same clan as some of the big whales in Finest like Jake or BaZ. I would call them celebrities, Im just a F2P guy who made a clan, that somehow got alot of the big players in.

Now that Wirxaw got hes post deleted in here, im pretty sure it all will calm more down and the only thing you will see of me is when we’re recruiting and maybe show a 10* Alpha sometime, but I will try to not use words as “elite” and “best”:wink:


Hello guys, you are welcome to discuss our game in a civilized way, please refrain from making the discussion personal. Thanks for your cooperation.