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Too easy to lose the reins of your clan

Dear Ludia,
Today I accidentally promoted a player I was trying to boot… She’s an inactive, and I needed to make space for a few mates from clan to return… The “promote” and the “kick” buttons are way too close together, and not safeguarded enough in case we press the wrong button.

I have managed to not accidentally promote in the past though I had to look for it, but today… Today it just got pressed without me wanting to… And it all happened so fast, I had lost the reins of my clan in the blink of an eye and nothing I could anymore do…

I texted your support system in-game, but you’re never quick to answer and this is an emergency… And I also know you haven’t been much of help in the past…
But honestly, that should change.

Fury Guardians is a top clan, leads a big alliance… We can’t afford to lose it and shouldn’t.

I need my reins back asap. @Ned @Marcus @Isabelle

I’ve put so much hard work you can’t imagine in building it all up, keeping it afloat in the top… Only for it to be taken from me in the most unfavorable way.

I’m the chief of the clan and not this accident person that was supposed to get the boot, so please give it back.

You need to give it back and fix this half-baked clan system. That allows hackers in our clans, doesn’t allow us to officially choose a second with active role in the game, doesn’t allow us to change our privacy settings and can take our leadership away within the blink of an eye if the wrong button is pressed.

Fury Guardians is my hard work… It’s not fair.

Leader of Fury Guardians Alliance


Really they need to change the system the button are very close just like jwa level up and multi fusion button are also very close I hope Ludia can change it cause all of the active member hard work is not paid off or hope they can like have more position like JWA so if people make mistake they can change it.Fury Guardian will keep rising to the TOP!!!Fury Guardian RULE!!!


Please fix this ludia!! We need our leader back leading her clan!


Yes this had been a problem for several clans. They work hard to build up, then because of No double checks or some kind of password protection they lose everything. Have to restart a new clan and potentially lose half the members in the process. This is something that needs to be addressed in future updates


Please help fix this we need our clan leader back! We are fighting infinite 10* alphas and a have a several month long streak going! Give the reins back to our leader Stat!


Please fix this ludia Feather means a lot for this alliance and please do something


Hey everyone,

I’m sorry to hear that this happened. Due to the large influx of tickets we received, the team may not have had the chance to get to the ticket you sent, but they are working as quickly as they can to address everyone’s issues. I understand you guys work very hard for the clan and this is a matter of urgency, we are doing all we can to help Aesther get the reins back.

I also want to thank you for your feedback regarding the clan system, as well as the placement of the buttons. Your comments are much appreciated, and will be forwarded to our development team for them to review.


Thank you for acknowledging us and helping, the sooner this is resolved the sooner the clan is back to shape. Currently got 5 randoms instead of 2, 3 members of essence locked out. We are in danger of losing our streak.

I’m really grateful you took the case and promised to escalate it for me, means a lot if you can get me back my clan :slight_smile:

I’ll try to distract myself while I wait for the outcome. Hope to hear back from you soon :slight_smile:

Thank you

Thank you for picking up the case promptly, S.K. We need our clan leader back urgently to remove the inactives. To prevent such incident from happening again, please add a confirmation step like that for use of runes. Thanks again.

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Yes, or a back-up password only the founder/owner and the trusted seniors will know. So we can redeem our clan if anything happens again.

About clan system:

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Ludia, please continue to look in to this and follow up. This is important to all of the members of the clan. @Ned @S.K @Marcus @Isabelle

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They replied they can’t, won’t do anything. It’s very annoying they practically discard us like that… And that we had to wait days for that type of answer.

@S.K., you had promised to help. You didn’t solve my problem and I was left hanging and yesterday we lost the Shellfire that came. We couldn’t fully replicate the damage of our stranded-out friends.

I am very disheartened by the treatment of me by support. All we’re asking you is to reverse that button pressed as it was a transfer at faux consent. I didn’t consent to Furua taking my administration of the clan, if I wanted to swap reins with someone it would be my with one of my seniors. And I do have a successor anyway.

If one drops the keys to his home and someone catches them, isn’t it the decent thing to give them back to the owner, or hand them over to the police if you don’t know the owner? Furua took ahold of my reins by accident and did not give them back to their rightful owner - me. It doesn’t make her a leader that she has my reins. She’s not the leader, and she has my reins by accident and shouldn’t. And you shouldn’t let her keep them just like that… As if the work me and my people have put into this clan and the alliance and the legacy of ours is in any way even to her 0% of contribution to the clan. The clan is mine, the people are mine, our legacy and our alliance is ours. We worked for months to get where we did, having had a winstreak against 10s from September to today; and we lost it not because we’re not good enough but becase of both you and the stranger’s attitude towards our attempts to reason with you.

We refuse to give up our clan. Our alliance. Our legacy.

We lost the Shelly because of both your and furua’s lack of care, we will hold on and survive despite it… And we request a change in the clan system.

For a change is needed.

I have a hard time understanding why this is so difficult for Ludia to correct… an inactive player was accidentally given control of the clan. Why can’t this just be quickly reversed… shouldn’t be so difficult…

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You’re wasting you’re time on a lost cause, Ludia is never going to take away a leadership from a player to give to another, that would set a precedent that could be easily be abused in the future.

You keep blaming a person that’s not even aware of what’s happening, you were the one that pressed the wrong button and i’m pretty sure no one is blaming you for that.

You’re real problem is that always focus on the problems and not on solving them.

Obviously the button option should be more shielded, should at least ask for confirmation and should be changed along with other clan options, still that won’t change you’re situation.

Taking away leadership is not the case. More like restoring what was accidentally lost because, pretty simple, it was an accident. It shouldn’t be so easy to lose the reins, and it sucks there’s no “recall” button and not even support is willing to reverse the effects.
I’m not seeking to take anyone’s true leadership, just to restore mine.
(But some people may want to replace inactive leaders and I don’t think I can blame them for that either.)

I’m blaming her for keeping, not taking. She logged in and didn’t return what has gone to her account by accident. She didn’t even question it.

And you can’t blame me for fighting for what I built… Nor do you know my real problems or whether we have a plan of course. You’re not in the alliance and have no info on that :wink: