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Too man fish to fryy

Does anybody else feel like you get too many fish and you don’t have enough to do with them? It takes so long in hours to train a dragon. And then you don’t use enough fish when it’s done. I have 10 million fish waiting to be used and I’m supposed to be gathering 42 million. I would like to be able to buy more things in the Traders Market with fish. You need wood for everything and you barely need fish at all

I think you will find that fish is what you always need as you progress in the game. I currently have over 30G of wood in my mail.

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Right now I have about 11G+ wood and 10G+ fish sitting in my mailbox with 1G storage for each and 14 collecting dragons at 124 each. I’m happy to have this stock pile as the push for the next level will eat a whole lot of resources once again as it always did before.
Having reserves is a good thing.

Okay maybe you can help me then. Cuz I’m obviously missing something. If my fish stockpile is full, and at the moment it’s 10 million. And I am trying to gather fish with my dragons and I have nothing to spend the fish in my stockpile on. Can I still continue to gather fish with my dragons? Does it go to waste. Because I’m trying to gather 42 million in a week and that isn’t happening and part of that is because my stockpile is full

Your dragons will “store” the fish/wood/iron that they collect on their pearch first and when you tap them those resources get send over to your storage houses. If the storage is full the collected stuff will stay on the dragon until it is done collecting. This can amount to the total resources collected by that dragon during its active time.

Example: Candy&Cane (premium zipper and one of the best fish collectors in the game) collects 21 mil fish per hour for 8 hours. Fish basis is full so the 166mil fish he collected will stay on his perch until either transfered to the storage or being lost by sending him to do something new.

Also when you get fish or wood from card packs, gauntlets or statues and your storage is full, those will be send direct to your mailbox to collect from there.
You can basically use working dragons to store extra resources on them.

It sucks to have so many resources and still not enough to give your dragon. =’/

Yes (as @Grond86 notes).

Sort-of. In addition to what @Grond86 noted…

…if you collect the fish your dragons have gathered, even though it is “lost” because your storage is full, it still counts toward Duties.

So, if, for example, your storage is full and you have a dragon that has collected 1M fish, when you collect the fish from that dragon, it will just disappear, but you will be 1M closer to your “collect X fish with dragons” Duty.

8h55m, and with a level 5 statue, it’s 39.6M/h :slight_smile:. That said, for rate, Sparkle and Sparks is better (48.7M/h with statue); almost as good as Big Buff. Goldrush (also premium) also does 21M/h (no statue), but a) the armorwing statues boost wood more than fish, and b) only for 6h20m.

For raw capacity, Rushing Death and Sven’s Nightmare are actually better due to the insanely long collection times. Also, Bargemine is better all around, second only to Big Buff; 55.2M/h (with level 5 statue; 32.1M/h without) for 7h45m… slightly less time, but makes up for it with better rate.

BTW, yes, you can argue that you can have more than one Kandy & Kane, while several of the others are unique, but in my experience that might help you early on. I’m at the point where I can’t possibly spend the resources I can bring in, so it’s more interesting to have as many different dragons as possible rather than spending effort on duplicates.

I was pulling example numbers and not actually maxed + statue stats. Also I got 2 canes from some packs a while back and they really support my leveling. Last but not least I said one of the best and not the best and cane is up there in the top 10 (maybe 5) fish collectors.

Yeah, I’d guess it’s about #5, give or take a couple. I wasn’t disagreeing (well, except your time was off by about an hour :wink:), just giving additional information.

If you ignore statues, technically K&K is #8, but that ignores that Ruffrunner (#4, unique) and Droog (#7, premium) both have lame collection times (~3h) and are thus less useful… so, yeah, that would make K&K somewhere between #4 and #6, at least for 6h, depending on how you feel about Büttor-Bol and whether or not you have Büttor-Bol and/or Colorcrunch (both premiums). Overnight, or if your storage is full, some of the lower rate but longer time collectors can bring in more.