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Too many carnivores

I feel like there should be a balance,there are way too many carnivores in the game,my top 5 creatures(Indominus 10,Spinoraptor 20,Suchomimus 30,2×Alangasaurus 40 and a hatching Rajastega) all of these are carnivores. We need some non Carnivores in here as well.

You are right, there are a lot of strong carnivores in the game. But if they dominate your lineup depends on you.


Yes . you are right my team also has 3 carnivore out of my top 5 .
It will be good for the developers to add more amphibians and pterosaur

Especially amphibians. Current best is Gorgosushus which has…2,300 attack.

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Top 10:

  1. Mastodonsaurus lvl 3
  2. Velociraptor lvl 40
  3. Apatosaurus lvl 1
  4. Shunosaurus lvl 20
  5. Nodosaurus lvl 10
  6. Ostafrikasaurus lvl 20
  7. Postosuchus lvl 30
  8. T rex lvl 10
  9. Dimorphodon lvl 10
  10. Pteranodon lv 10

Overall, 2 amphibians, 3 carnivores, 2 pterosaurs, 3 herbivores.

Why don’t you level up your VIPs? It’s worth it

Not enough food

It’ll make PvE extremely hard. I’ll level it up when I have a deeper bench.


What level are u at?

53 but close to 54

Well then you should deeper your bench first . By the way I’m level 56 and I’m also deepening my bench for the I rex gen 2

It is easy to manage as long as you have atleast 2 creatures in your top 6 which are half as powerful as your best. My Pteranodon,Shunosaurus are half as powerful as my Indominus is,but they handle stuff really well.

To deepen your bench means to have lots of creatures of similar ferocity.

I know,I often manage,i am used to a imbalanced bench,which is why I know how to deal with that sort of stuff.

I just want to forward what @Tommi said. It is completely up to you which class dominates your lineup.

By the way I know that I have far too few amphibians. I am just waiting for a microposaurus unlock to make the ostaposaurus.

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Microposaurus and Ostafrikasaurus may not be amazing by themselves, but the hybrid performs so well.

Worse than Indominus still.