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Ludia, if you don’t ban the cheaters, then please give my money back… the higher arenas (7,8) are full of hackers (not spoofers, hackers)… the TRex is faster than Stegodeus, the opponent stuns you without a stun attack, at 2:1 (i have the 2, not my opponent) the match is suddenly ended with an opponent win, etc… I like the game, and I’m a vip, so I’m paying for development, and what You did… nothing, just letting hackers to play the game… shame on you.

That’s not possible by hacking. You can’t hack Jurassic world alive to speed up your T. Rex or stun without a stunning move. It’s just an arena glitch.

However, there are far too many cheaters as you said in the upper arenas making it almost unplayable. Which is the aim of spoofing. Ludia have promised to deal with it and we all expected it to have shown some progression yet unfortunately it hasn’t happened.

Oh there are a lot of cheaters in Jurassic Ruins. I have ran into a few of them as of late

Why did you comment on a year old post? How did you find a year old post?:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I think what happened is the OP deleted his last post (check the date, it’s over a year ago), and that bumped the thread. I’ve had that happen to me when I deleted one of my posts. It’s a forum bug that needs to be fixed!


Saw it on top of the list and I was bored. Plus it seemed relevant to what’s been going on now.

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Can we just keep Ludia focused on fixing the game then worry about cheaters. Just FYI server side games such as this are extremely difficult if not impossible to do the cheats being described


LoL, this topic is irrelevant after a year of “development”… so, lets talk about something else, like who counts the money :slight_smile: but i dont remember deleting the comment, so yeah, maybe Blue does it, but whatever…

Yeah, there is no hackers, just bugs bugs and bugs… at the first seemed to me that some people able to hack it, but like you said it is almost impossible to hack the game…