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Too many clans?

Judging by my personal experiences so far and seeing how many clans are regularly recruiting for new people one get’s the impression that there is an abundance of clans and not enough members that regularly play and level up their dragon teams. I would love to hear about the experiences and impressions other members had.

P.S. If someone has tipps on how to get clan members to engage more in communication about strategies and improvements, I am all ears. My clan is generally very silent about everything.

I don’t think there are too many clans. Probably 100,000 people play this game so doubtful there’s 4000 clans.

What I do think is that there’s a lack of top level talent so you see the top 10-20 clans constantly recruiting hoping to get that last quality person who doesn’t yet have a home.

Also I think so many highly involved lower level players refuse to join the right level clan, so in turn that causes issues filling up low and mid level clans. I get 40 applicants a day at <3500 BP, but only 1-2 near 5500.


You have to find members willing to join an outside chat app like discord, then you can drive communication. In game chats are never good for any real strategy due to limitations

@TheCommander I understand your frustrations over the lack of communication! That was a big problem when we first started too and it took a while to work it out. We decided to start a discord channel and strongly encouraged all members to join. Those that did thrived as we could share a lot more information there. The ones that didn’t join tended to not do as well and eventually left or were kicked for consistently low performance. Right now we’ve got all but one member on our discord, but the last does follow instructions in game chat so I just let him be lol.

Like I said, it took a while to get everyone together, but now all new members are required to join our discord prior to joining our clan. I don’t require them to chit chat, but most everyone follows instructions all the time. I wish you the best of luck with your clan since communication is definitely the key to success here!


That explains a lot. The average rating of our active members is between 3500-4400, but most newcomers are total beginners. Looks like people trying to join clans above their level is a general phenomenon.

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Another issue is the 3 application limit. That makes it hard for a new player to apply to clans until 1 accepts them

@Talisax / @Mama_Fury :
Thx for the advice. We have created a discord channel. Just trying to get the others to join will be a challenge. I agree with communication being the key.


Everyone has different intentions also, there are competitive clans pushing the top using discord discussing strategy and then clans like mine where we just kill alphas for the 4 star dragons and don’t want to spend time on discord lol. As far as too many clans I highly doubt it, if I kick someone the spot is filled in a couple hours. Their power level is normally low, but I’ve watch a few people go from 2k to 5k relatively quickly


Ofc there are too many clans for the active players fighting alphas.
I came to that conclusion and gave up trying to have one and joined a big clan.

I am at a bit of a crossroads, started a clan day 1, but have not been able to rally the troops/ recruit the right people. Easily beat 4s and have done several 5s, but I’m getting frustrated. We keep missing out on 5s because members save their charges for the 4s. That means I have to go all out and use like 8 charges at times. To bring this comment on point, I think there is an element of obligation that is attached to a clan you start and instead of abandoning it you keep on pushing and hoping it gets better. That may keep more clams open and make some strong players hesitate. I’ve only used the in game chat not discord, maybe that is worth a shot, idk. Attracting the right people has been the problem for me, so many inactive or weak players out there. I lead my team w this squad, next closest team is about 900pts lower.

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Discord makes communication much easier. It also.leads to engagement

Good luck with your clan

In my experience, a clan gets filled up when social media is involved and under the right circumstances, like clan owners giving up their leadership and clan-jumping, plenty of players who get bored with their disorganized clans, in-game as well. Before I involved social media, I couldn’t get to fill my clan (Fury Guardians) because some “elite” clans here were stealing so many potential members on the forums by making 3rd and 4th subclans and promising people stuff. After I did, there was an explosion of people and we’re now close to getting a lvl 7 chest.

We have collected a lot of Alpha points so recruiting is fairly easy. Because the more points we collect, the more serious our clan seems to outsiders, who consider the clan as an option. And not to mention that you attract the right kind of players too.

Clan chat wasn’t always the most active, but it is now that I’ve gathered a lot of good members. Not the best chat, mind you, it’s all stiff and such, but it’s functional for us. We talk a lot there, and although some messages get “lost”, it’s fun and we can talk for hours.

Have made a Discord server as well, to be allowed to talk more and share stuff we can’t in-game, like files and screenshots, and have some organization about it too, and now am struggling to get my members to connect there.

Thanks for the insights guys. My experiences match 7daydino’s exactly to the last sentiment.

@Featherwing: Can you elaborate a bit how you involved social media? I am not sure you used it for recruiting purposes.

@Talisax: Is there a general discussion channel on discord regarding T.U. that is not limited to a specific clan? Sharing each others learnings seems overall like a good idea.

@TheCommander yes there is a general discussion channel on discord regarding T.U. You can find a link to it here:


As @Zhyan posted, there is. Also there are separate channels for team building, clan recruitment, bugs etc


I posted recruitment ads on the most active Facebook groups about the game and general HTTYD.

Discord isn’t so active, though, but at least it’s there.

Thx guys! Will have a look at those.

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Lol 40 a day huh… :slight_smile:

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