Too many defeats

What is going on with matchmaking today. I lost 8 battles straight to opponents that were 4800-5200 trophies, Levels 18-20, all had mostly unique creatures 22-26 with boosts in all 3 categories. Me I’m player level 17, I HAD 4680 trophies, and my team is mostly legendary and 2 epic levels 16-22. The only battle I won was the 9th and that was the 'ai pity battle" ( didn’t show in recent opponent list and swapped like crazy). Even more strange all of my losses cost me 30+ trophies. I suppose I should have quit playing until next day but I just wanted to see how long this ridiculousness would go on. Has anybody else experienced such unfair battles?

the weekend tournament started. It’s more than likely that matchmaking was widened to make up for the drop in players in the actual arena.

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I have lost 17 in a row last night and only won 3. So I feel your pain

I would think the option to fight AI would kick in. Interestingly enough, four times the 30 second clock started and when it got down to about 15 seconds the screen went to waiting for opponent and began it’s two minute countdown only to time out.